How to Localize the Static Content (Copyright and Disclaimer Information) in a ASP.NET Web Application

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Hi Friend, You already know,we can generate resources for server control properties by using implicit and explicit localization expressions.To implement localization concepts in a web application,we need to localize the following elements:-
  • HTML Control 
  • Static Content
HTML Control :-
HTML Controls can not be localized using implicit or explicit expression,unless they are running on the server.If we want to run HTML control on the server, we have to to include the runat ="server" attribute in the @page directive, After the HTML controls are marked as server controls,local resources are automatically generated for the localizable properties,such as for the Tool Tip and Text properties of the controls. Now We can be bound HTML server controls using implicit or explicit expressions concepts.
Static Content :-We can use the localization expressions concepts to localize the properties of controls used on a web page.You already know ,There are some static contents used on ASP.NET web application,such as Copyright information or Disclaimer information..NET Framework  is allowed to localize the static contents of the web page,such as <Localize runat = "Server"> tag.We we can implement both concepts in a ASP.NET web application easily as given below:-

How to Implement Global resources concepts in web applications using Explicit Localization Expression

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Hi Friend, I have already explained, How to use local resources in web applications using implicit localization Expression. Today, we will learn about Global resources in web applications.This localization expressions are automatically generated when resources are created using explicit loalization.You need to use explicit localization in web pages to localize large text messages,in addition to the controls and labels that are localized.
There are some steps to implement this whole concepts as given below:-
Step 1 :- First Open Your Visual studio -->File-->New -->Web Site--> Select ASP.NET Empty Website --> OK--> Open Solution Explorer window--> Add a New Page (Default.aspx)-->Right-click on Project -->select Add ASP.NET Folder-->Press  App_GlobalResources as shown below:-

How to implement Application Localization concepts in An ASP.NET Web Application with an Example

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This Localization Concepts is more important for any web applications.There are many people live in different countries in the world,they are using different languages and Browsers to access the web informations from their PCs (Personal computers).They generally want to read and Understand the web pages in their own languages. Suppose An user is accessing informations form Germany,its browser default language will be German(de-GE).He want to translate the web page in German language so that he can easily read and understand the information.To overcome this problem ,Microsoft has developed the Application Globalization Concepts so that any web applications can support different languages instead of English language.To support Browser comparability we have to create a separate resource file (Local Resources ,Global Resources) for German language.You can create Resource file in either the App_LocalResources folder or the App_GlobalResources folder of a web application. To implement the Culture and UICulture concepts of an web application,we generally uses two resource files, This is also knowns as Imlicit Localization Expressions concepts in ASP.NET Web applications.

What is the use of Culture ,UICulture and CultureInfo class in web applications

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CultureInfo Class :- 
  • The CultureInfo Class resides in the System.Globalization namespace.
  • The CultureInfo class contains culture specific information,such as the language,country,and cultural conventions that are associated with a specific culture.
  • The CultureInfo class is used to performing culture -specific operations such as formatting dates and numbers,casting,and comparing strings etc.
  • To find the all culture list, you can use CultureInfo.GetCultures method in culture info class.
  • See below application,here i have used cultureInfo Class to display the culture list in dropdownlist control.
A Web page in a web application consists of two culture value:-
  1. Culture
  2. UICulture

How to display Client browser languages in DropDownList using concepts of localization and Globalization

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Localization and Globalization Building a site for a particular culture(language and region)is called localization.Building a site for different culture is called Globalization. The more advanced approach specifies that the content of the web page is not restricted to a few international languages,so that a web page is understandable to masses from all over the world.Displaying the date and time according to the local culture of a region is an example of application Globalization.It provides a culture -specific web experience to the internet users. ASP.NET 4.0 provides built-in mechanisms to globalize web applications that can adapt to different languages.Basically Application Globalization involves two sub-process ,internationalization and localization. Internationalization is the process of internationalizing application code as per some specific standards and Localization is the process of rendering the output of an application according to a specific language and culture.
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