How to perform Insert Edit Update Delete Cancel and Print Operations in GridView Using Stored Procedure with Example

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Hi Friend ,Today we will learn "How to Perform Insert,Edit,Update,Delete and Cancel operations in Gridview Easily".Here I have using Stored Procedure for this operations. This concepts is very good and easy.For this You have to knowledge of Stored Procedure. First we will create Stored Procedure after that use it in different operations in Gridview. For More Knowledge, you have read below link that will be very helpful to you.
There are some steps to implement this whole concepts as given below:-
Step 1 :-First open Open SQL Server Management Studio-->Create a table (Student_Details) with an  identity column as given below:-

How to implement Virtual keyboard concepts on website easily

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Hi Friend,Today, we will learn "how to use virtual keyboard concepts on or other websites?". Nowadays ,there are many malicious "spyware" and "Trojan programs" which are harmful for our Username and password .if you use virtual keyboard on website,this will reduce the risk of password theft. If you are using banking sites from the cyber cafe ,please use virtual keyboard only otherwise your password may be compromised.In cyber cafe, may be installed key logger programs that will be risk of password theft .This programs might have infected your computers also .So that today i am going to show you "how to implement virtual keyboard concepts on websites".

How to create secure Registration and login page with Hashing encryption concepts in

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Introduction:- Hi friend,Today we will learn how to make secure registration and login page with hashing concepts in applications.Here we will also learn how to create https certificate on iis server.First we will learn why does we use hasing concepts and its advantages ? How to know this website is using hashing concepts or encryption or decryption concepts. Check by two steps..
1.) Change Password:-Suppose you want to change the password,if website send your password to your respective mobile or email address then you have to know that this website is not using hashing concepts otherwise it uses hashing concepts.
2.) Forget Password:-Suppose you want to forget your password and you want to change it,if website send your password on your respective mobile and email address then that website is not using hashing concepts otherwise it uses hashing concepts.
Nowadays , many popular websites are using hashing concepts like google (gmail,youtube, google+ ,etc.) , Facebook ,yahoo ,paypal ,twitter ,Instagram,linkedin , all banking websites etc. Many websites are  used encryption and decryption concepts also.But hashing concepts is more better than others .How to use hashing concepts in website

How to convert original text to hash text using md5 and sh1 Algorithms in c#

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Introduction:- Hashing is secure and helpful concepts to convert original text to hash text.It is a cryptography Technology.There are many cryptography technology such symmetric and asymmetric but here we will learn only hashing concepts (md5 and sh1).If you want to discuss more details about cryptography ,you can contact me(holiday only).
  • A Hash function is an Algorithm which creates a digital representation or 'fingerprint' in the form of a "hash value" of a standard length.
  • Hash value is usually much smaller than the message.
  • It is one way function.

How to Deploy WCF Services on your Local Network and access it through your WCF Client Applications (Browser)

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Hi Friend, today we will learn "How to host your WCF services on your local Network and access it through your client application". If your computer is connected with more than one computers through LAN ,then you can access your wcf services on other computers also. But You have to make this computer as a server where your WCF services are hosted.You can access this Network ( local host) services from the other computers also. Now You can Host your WCF Client application on IIS server also.So that you can access it like this URL:-http://localhost:49864/Wcf_clientapps/ on other computers . Same concepts are used on virtual server also. Here You can host your services on server.and host your client application on same server or different servers.But here you can access it like this URL . both concepts are same, so here we will learn, how to access your wcf services on your local networks or local computers. You have to understand the concepts of address Format concepts of WCF
We will learn this concepts in Four parts :-
  1. Creating WCF Services
  2. Configuring a WCF Services
  3. Deploying WCF Services
  4. Building WCF Client Application

How to upload images using ajax AsynFileUpload Control and Create a Photo gallery of your friends like Google+ and Facebook in

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The AsynFileUpload Ajax control enables you to upload the files asynchronously on server.The uploading of files can be confirmed at both the server and client side. You can save the uploaded images by using SaveAs() method.This control works the uploads the files without doing any post pack.  This control shows the Loading image while file uploading is in process .There are different coloring options for showing the file upload.
  • Green color to indicate the file is uploaded successfully
  • Red color to indicate the file upload is not successful  
Sql server database is used to save the uploaded image by AsynFileUpload control.Here i have used a DataList control to display the uploaded images.In this Data List Control you can create your friends photo gallery like google+ and Facebook. For this application, you have to install AjaxToolkit first on your visual studio.You can install it easily from Here.
There are different concepts that you can implement by using this concepts.
  1. You can create your image gallery by using Grid View and Repeater control also in application.
  2. You can use  this AsynFileUpload control on your Form like IBPS.
  3. You can use this concepts in 3 tier architecture also.
  4. You can save your file path in .mdf database in
  5. You can use secure connections in your .net applications.

How to deploy web application using xcopy deployment technique in .NET

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 Xcopy is used to deploy an application by copying a set of files to a folder on the target computer and then execute the application on the client.The xcopy deployment technique
 deploys a fully functional application by simply copying the assemblies to the target computer.The xcopy deployment technique can also work with web applications with the exception of the folder structure,which that the files are copied to a virtual directory that you have setup for your web application.Here you can see How deploy your web application using Windows Installer technique.
There are some options of the XCopy Command as follows:-
1.) /E:-It copies directories, sub-directories and files including empty ones.
2.) /S:-It copies directories ,sub-directories and files excluding empty ones
3.) /R:-It is used to overwrites read only files. 
4.) /O:-It is used to copy security-related information such as file ownership and Access Control(ACL) Information.
5.) /K:-It copies attributes and normal xcopy will reset read-only attributes.
6.) /H:-It copies directories and sub-directories including hidden and system files.
7.) /I:-It assumes the destination as  a directory and creates if it does not exist.
8.) /C:-It continues copying even if an error occurs.

How to deploy a web application using Windows Installer Techniques in .NET Framework

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Introduction:- The web application is deployed on the server using techniques or  utilities present in .NET Framework. Deploying an application refers to the process of distributing an application among various platforms.There are various options available  to deploy applications from both the web server and the client perspectives. The visual studio 2010 provides many deployment techniques as given below.
  • Windows Installer
  • Xcopy
  • Publish
  • Web One Click Publish
  • Copy Web Site
You can understand some deployment techniques from below links also. 
There are some steps to deploy a web page using window installer techniques as given below:-

How to make your own media player in visual studio 2010 and install it to others Desktops easily

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A media player is a software application that is used to play audio ,video  and store the images. Window media player is a software to play the different media. This is developed by Microsoft Corporation. There are some favorite media players which is used in our general life as given below:-
     1.) iTunes :-  It is developed by Apple on January 2001 . Most iTunes users are iPod,iPhone and Apple OS.
     2.) VLC :- It is a Open Source Cross-platform media player. Today this media player is used mostly. It 's framework support to play media files as well as DVDs, Audio CDs, VCDs, and various streaming video and audio etc.
     3.) Windows Media Player :- It was developed by Microsoft.The first version of the Windows Media Player resease about in 1991, being compatible with Windows 3.0. 
     4.) Winamp :- It is media player for window based PCs and Android devices. It was released by Justin Frankel on April 21, 1997 .
     5.) Parole Media Player :- It is a media player for unix operating system .It plays local media files such as MP3 ,WAV and MPEG, as well as CDs and DVDs etc.
     6.) Media Monkey :-  It is high highly extensible via scripting. It is currently available in over 10 language.It's look and feel is highly customizable. It is also helpful to play the damage files. 
      Here we will learn"How to make your own media player in visual studio 2010 and install it to others Desktops easily ".

How to insert data in Microsoft Access Database and bind it in Gridview using C# in APS.NET Application

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Introduction :-
There are lots of database used for data storing purpose.Microsoft Access 2010 is one of them. The Microsoft provide two database for storage purpose 
  1. Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio
  2. Microsoft Access
We have already done insert,update and delete operations with SQL Server. Now we learn "How to Insert data in Microsoft Access database ". These two database are Microsoft  products so we have to know about its connectivity.These two are more compatible with .NET Framework. These are more reliable and secure database.But Nowadays Mysql and Oracle database are mostly used in the world. These are also more reliable and secure like sql server. Here i will insert some values in MS Access database and bind its data with gridview control. You can easily perform update and delete operations also but here i will perform only insert operation. 

How to create tables in Microsoft Access Database 2010

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There are some databases that we use for commercial purpose. 
  • Ms SQL Server
  • Mysql
  • Ms Access
Ms Access database is a built-in package of all Microsoft Office Software.This is fully supportable to all window operating system.This is more advantage with this database that you can use it with any Technology such as
  • .NET
  • Java
  • php
  • HTML
  Here i will show you "how to create tables in Ms Access Database".If you are using MS SQL OR other databases then you can easily create and use it with your commercial applications. Microsoft office is a separate package provided by Microsoft.You have to install this package if you want to use it on your windows platform. This package is already installed if you buy  your window premium version otherwise you will have to install it on your syatem.
   There are some steps to understand this concepts as given below:-

How to import excel file data in database and display it in Gridview control in

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In this tutorial ,we can easily import Your Excel file data in your database (Sql server ,Oracle,MySQL ,etc) and display it in gridview control using c# in .Here i have inserted an excel file data in sql server database, you can apply same concepts with other database also but you have to change your connection strings codes only. Here you can solve your visual studio connection error problem also as given below:-
""The Microsoft Access database engine cannot open or write to the file ''. It is already opened exclusively by another user, or you need permission to view and write its data."
First i was thought different concept to make this application but i am getting above an error as shown in red color latter. To solve this error i have applied many techniques such as

How to save images in database and display it in gridview control using HTTP Handler in

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Introduction :-
This articles helps to insert the image in database and display it in Gridview control with the help of Generic Handler.ashx class in This is very important concepts to display the images in Gridview control.In our previous post, you can  show the images in Gridview control  with help of other different ways.But both technique are different and unique. You can download whole application from below and run it on your visual studio without facing any problems.
    I have performed many things to build this useful application in as given below;-
  • First create a page(home.aspx) and drag and drop some controls on page such as Label,TextBox,FileUpload , Button and SqlDataSource.
  • After that Add SQL database Database.mdf and create a student table with some column such as sid,name,email,image.
  • After that create second page (show_data.aspx) , drag and drop Gridview control on it and Bind table columns data with gridview.
  • After that Add Generic Handler class (Handler.ashx).
  • You can upload image size less than equal to (<=) 50 KB,otherwise this application will show an error message on the page.

How to save images in a website Folder and display it in Gridview control

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Hi friend, Here i will show you "How to save image in a website's Folder and display it in gridview control". If you working on any project then you will need to display the images in gridview control.Today ,I will show you, how to display an image in gridview control easily. You just learn the concepts and use it in your projects. Here any user can upload your image from your system (computer) and save it on your website folder (eg. msdotnet_images) but the Image size should be less than equal to 50 KB. If you will upload image size more than 50 KB  then it will show an error message on the web page. Here all the images  name  and  path will be stored in sql server database (eg. Database.mdf) separately  .You can easily show the images in Grid view control with the help of the image path stored in database. In our previous tutorials ,i have already performed some operations in Gridview, DataList and Repeater controls .You can learn lots of concepts from the below links.

How to Implement 3 Tier Architecture Concepts in with Real Life Example

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Hi Friends ! Today , I am going to Explain 3 Tier Architecture in with real life example. I have Explained this in more simplest way,so that a weak student can easily learn the concepts of 3 Tier Architecture.I have given a real life example also so that student can relate 3 tier Architecture concepts easily. You can easily enhance this application features from This page .
There are three layers in 3 Tier Architecture as given below:-
  1. Presentation Layer (UI Layer)
  2. Business Access Layer (BAL)
  3. Data Access Layer (DAL)
     1.) Presentation Layer(UI) :-
Presentation Layer is nothing but it is a user interface which every user see on your computer ,mobile and window screen. You can say,designing part of any application is known as Presentation Layer. The User can post input and get output on your presentation Layer only.In .axpx file is known as a presentation layer.

How to Create Write,Read,Search,Append and Delete files from Your System by a Software

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Hi Friends! Today I have built a software which can used for different commercial purpose.You can perform some action with your file without opening it.Students can manipulate your file by this software,after installing on your system.I have putted only limited functionality in this software ,if it is helpful then i will update other functionality also.
There are some functionality available in this software.
  1. You can easily create New file in your Drive (Ex. txt,.doc,etc ).
  2. You can easily write the content in your file without opening it.
  3. You can easily Read your existing file contents without opening it.
  4. You can check whether particular sentence or word is present in your file or nor.
  5. You can easily write the sentence in your existing from end of your existing file contents.
  6. You can delete your file from your drive by this software without go to that drive.

How to build a Calculator in Visual Studio and Install it on Your Client System

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Hi Friends ! Today i am going to build a simple Calculator application using C# in Visual studio 2010 /2012.I will create a setup file(.exe file)of this application in visual studio 2010/2012.But i Will show you "How to create setup file in visual studio 2012 'only .Because I have already explained "How to create setup file in visual studio 20008/2010" in our previous tutorial. Some students want to create setup file in visual studio 2012.So in this post i will create a setup file using visual studio 2012 .In visual studio 2012 Ultimate has some limited functionality to create setup file in best way. all students mostly use Demo version of visual studio that has a limited functionality.Visual studio 2012 is the enhancement (some Updation) of Visual studio 2010.So i would like to say you,use visual studio 20008/2010 for creating a effective setup file and other purpose use visual studio 2012.You can receive both visual studio setup file through Bottom Download link .You can check yourself which is more better.You can install this setup file in your Window xp/Vista/7 /8 easily and use it for your calculation purpose.I hope this application will more helpful to you/Friends and your clients. 
There are some steps to build this setup file in visual studio 2012 which are given below:-

How to Build Form Filling application in ASP.NET like IBPS

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Hi Friends ! After few hard work,Finally,I have made a Form Filling Application like IBPS or others.You can use this concepts on many places in your web application.I have gathered lots of information about this Form filling application from Internet and users then finally developed this application.I have solved some comments questions of users also in this applicaion .Now days every one is aware about form filling application because they fill online form Normally every day.If you Want to make a Large Project then you have to  learn small -small concepts first.I have used many small concepts in this application which i have used in our previous post or others and Built this form filling application.I will show you what small concepts have been used in this application later.
How to use this form filling application:- 
When User Run this Form Filling Application and fill all required fields details.
  • If users fill every details correctly which are already mentioned in Form and After that Press Submit&Save Button then one Registration Number will be generated.
  • If users blank any fields then  Submit&Save button will not work because i have used Validation controls.
  • If user upload photo size greater than 25 kb and Signature size greater than 12 kb ,then it will show error.

How to Save Image in database and display in PictureBox Using C#

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Hi Friends ! Today ,I will show you "How to save image in Database and display it in Picture Box control in Windows Forms Application".Here I will create a Browse Dialog Box ,which will helpful to select an image and save in Picture Box Control from your system. In this i will   display the image in Picture Box control from Sql database table using c#. You can easily use this concepts in your applications.If you understand, this whole concepts then you can  make any windows forms application easily.I have putted some restrictions also,means you can't upload image size 25 KB and signature size 12 KB in this application. If you want you can add some extra features also in this application which are given below:-
  • You can Add Preview and printout concepts in this application from here.
  • You create setup file,follow steps from here.
  • You can create setup file with Sql database and install it any client machine ,follow steps from here.

How to find Whether Cookie is present in web browser or not using c#

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Today,i am going to explain "How to find Cookie is present in browser or not".If cookie is present in browser then you can login your application using cookie file.Many times you have seen your GoogleFacebook,Microsoft and other accounts easily login without username and password.what is the reason about that? Your username and password already stored in browser memory (Cookie file).Here i am going to explain "how to implement cookie based login in application". In this tutorial ,i have mainly focused cookie is present in browser or not.If you want to learn basic fundamentals of cookies here. In this application i have used session variable also to transfer information from one page to another page. 
There are some steps to implement this concepts in application which are given below:-
  StepFirst open your visual studio --> File-->New-->website-->Select ASP.NET Empty website--> OK --> open solution Explorer --> Add a web form (home.aspx) --> drag and drop label ,Text box  and button controls on the form as shown below:-
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