How to perform Insert Edit Update Delete Cancel and Print Operations in GridView Using Stored Procedure with Example

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Hi Friend ,Today we will learn "How to Perform Insert,Edit,Update,Delete and Cancel operations in Gridview Easily".Here I have using Stored Procedure for this operations. This concepts is very good and easy.For this You have to knowledge of Stored Procedure. First we will create Stored Procedure after that use it in different operations in Gridview. For More Knowledge, you have read below link that will be very helpful to you.
There are some steps to implement this whole concepts as given below:-
Step 1 :-First open Open SQL Server Management Studio-->Create a table (Student_Details) with an  identity column as given below:-

How to implement Virtual keyboard concepts on website easily

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Hi Friend,Today, we will learn "how to use virtual keyboard concepts on or other websites?". Nowadays ,there are many malicious "spyware" and "Trojan programs" which are harmful for our Username and password .if you use virtual keyboard on website,this will reduce the risk of password theft. If you are using banking sites from the cyber cafe ,please use virtual keyboard only otherwise your password may be compromised.In cyber cafe, may be installed key logger programs that will be risk of password theft .This programs might have infected your computers also .So that today i am going to show you "how to implement virtual keyboard concepts on websites".

How to create secure Registration and login page with Hashing encryption concepts in

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Introduction:- Hi friend,Today we will learn how to make secure registration and login page with hashing concepts in applications.Here we will also learn how to create https certificate on iis server.First we will learn why does we use hasing concepts and its advantages ? How to know this website is using hashing concepts or encryption or decryption concepts. Check by two steps..
1.) Change Password:-Suppose you want to change the password,if website send your password to your respective mobile or email address then you have to know that this website is not using hashing concepts otherwise it uses hashing concepts.
2.) Forget Password:-Suppose you want to forget your password and you want to change it,if website send your password on your respective mobile and email address then that website is not using hashing concepts otherwise it uses hashing concepts.
Nowadays , many popular websites are using hashing concepts like google (gmail,youtube, google+ ,etc.) , Facebook ,yahoo ,paypal ,twitter ,Instagram,linkedin , all banking websites etc. Many websites are  used encryption and decryption concepts also.But hashing concepts is more better than others .How to use hashing concepts in website

How to add and verify captcha codes on 3 tier login and registration page in applications

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Hi friend, today we will learn "how to add and verify captcha codes on your existing 3 tier login and registration page in". I have already explained ,how to to create 3 tier login and registration page.But here i will explain "how to add and verify captcha codes in 3 tier login and registration page".If you want to add more features on your registration and login page, you can follow below links.
I have alreafy implemented more concepts separately , It is yours responsibility, how to use it in different .NET applications.Here we will learn how to add captcha(.dll) codes in 3 tier architecture.You can add another captcha codes(graph) also in this application.This is easy process but you have to follow some steps as given below:-

How to convert original text to hash text using md5 and sh1 Algorithms in c#

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Introduction:- Hashing is secure and helpful concepts to convert original text to hash text.It is a cryptography Technology.There are many cryptography technology such symmetric and asymmetric but here we will learn only hashing concepts (md5 and sh1).If you want to discuss more details about cryptography ,you can contact me(holiday only).
  • A Hash function is an Algorithm which creates a digital representation or 'fingerprint' in the form of a "hash value" of a standard length.
  • Hash value is usually much smaller than the message.
  • It is one way function.

How to display a Static BarChart in using Ajax Technology

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Hi friend ,today we will learn about bar chart control in you can easily display the bar char with the help of some predefined data  of different persons for different years.Here we will display the different type of data of Ram,Mohan and Neha for different years (2001-2008) in this bar chart.Before implementing this concepts, you have to install ajax toolkit in your visual studio.
There are some properties of this BarChart as given below:-
  • ChartHeight :- This is helpful to customize the height of the bar chart.
  • ChartWidth  :- This is helpful to customize the width of the bar chart.
  • ChartType :- This is helpful to view the bar chart either column(StakedColumn) or Row(Bar,Stackedbar)
  • ChartTitle:- This is used to set the title of the bar chart.
  • CategoryAxis:- Here you have to put some set of values to create a bar chart .
  • ValueAxisLines:-Here you have to set the interval size for the value axis line.
  • ChartTitleColor:-This is used to set the color of your chart title.
  • CategoryAxisLineColor:-This is helpful to set the color of the category axis line.
  • BaseLineColor:-This is helpful to set the color of the base lines of the chart.
  • ValueAxisLineColor:- This is helpful to set the color of the value axis lines
There are some properties of the BarChartSeries as given below:-
  • Name:-This is a required property.
  • BarColor:- This is helpful to set the color of the bar  for a particular series.
  • Data:- This property is used to set the data for a particular series.

How to Implement Global resources concepts in web applications using Explicit Localization Expression

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Hi Friend, I have already explained, How to use local resources in web applications using implicit localization Expression. Today, we will learn about Global resources in web applications.This localization expressions are automatically generated when resources are created using explicit loalization.You need to use explicit localization in web pages to localize large text messages,in addition to the controls and labels that are localized.
There are some steps to implement this whole concepts as given below:-
Step 1 :- First Open Your Visual studio -->File-->New -->Web Site--> Select ASP.NET Empty Website --> OK--> Open Solution Explorer window--> Add a New Page (Default.aspx)-->Right-click on Project -->select Add ASP.NET Folder-->Press  App_GlobalResources as shown below:-

How to implement Application Localization concepts in An ASP.NET Web Application with an Example

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This Localization Concepts is more important for any web applications.There are many people live in different countries in the world,they are using different languages and Browsers to access the web informations from their PCs (Personal computers).They generally want to read and Understand the web pages in their own languages. Suppose An user is accessing informations form Germany,its browser default language will be German(de-GE).He want to translate the web page in German language so that he can easily read and understand the information.To overcome this problem ,Microsoft has developed the Application Globalization Concepts so that any web applications can support different languages instead of English language.To support Browser comparability we have to create a separate resource file (Local Resources ,Global Resources) for German language.You can create Resource file in either the App_LocalResources folder or the App_GlobalResources folder of a web application. To implement the Culture and UICulture concepts of an web application,we generally uses two resource files, This is also knowns as Imlicit Localization Expressions concepts in ASP.NET Web applications.

How to display Client browser languages in DropDownList using concepts of localization and Globalization

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Localization and Globalization Building a site for a particular culture(language and region)is called localization.Building a site for different culture is called Globalization. The more advanced approach specifies that the content of the web page is not restricted to a few international languages,so that a web page is understandable to masses from all over the world.Displaying the date and time according to the local culture of a region is an example of application Globalization.It provides a culture -specific web experience to the internet users. ASP.NET 4.0 provides built-in mechanisms to globalize web applications that can adapt to different languages.Basically Application Globalization involves two sub-process ,internationalization and localization. Internationalization is the process of internationalizing application code as per some specific standards and Localization is the process of rendering the output of an application according to a specific language and culture.

How to Deploy WCF Services on your Local Network and access it through your WCF Client Applications (Browser)

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Hi Friend, today we will learn "How to host your WCF services on your local Network and access it through your client application". If your computer is connected with more than one computers through LAN ,then you can access your wcf services on other computers also. But You have to make this computer as a server where your WCF services are hosted.You can access this Network ( local host) services from the other computers also. Now You can Host your WCF Client application on IIS server also.So that you can access it like this URL:-http://localhost:49864/Wcf_clientapps/ on other computers . Same concepts are used on virtual server also. Here You can host your services on server.and host your client application on same server or different servers.But here you can access it like this URL . both concepts are same, so here we will learn, how to access your wcf services on your local networks or local computers. You have to understand the concepts of address Format concepts of WCF
We will learn this concepts in Four parts :-
  1. Creating WCF Services
  2. Configuring a WCF Services
  3. Deploying WCF Services
  4. Building WCF Client Application

How to upload images using ajax AsynFileUpload Control and Create a Photo gallery of your friends like Google+ and Facebook in

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The AsynFileUpload Ajax control enables you to upload the files asynchronously on server.The uploading of files can be confirmed at both the server and client side. You can save the uploaded images by using SaveAs() method.This control works the uploads the files without doing any post pack.  This control shows the Loading image while file uploading is in process .There are different coloring options for showing the file upload.
  • Green color to indicate the file is uploaded successfully
  • Red color to indicate the file upload is not successful  
Sql server database is used to save the uploaded image by AsynFileUpload control.Here i have used a DataList control to display the uploaded images.In this Data List Control you can create your friends photo gallery like google+ and Facebook. For this application, you have to install AjaxToolkit first on your visual studio.You can install it easily from Here.
There are different concepts that you can implement by using this concepts.
  1. You can create your image gallery by using Grid View and Repeater control also in application.
  2. You can use  this AsynFileUpload control on your Form like IBPS.
  3. You can use this concepts in 3 tier architecture also.
  4. You can save your file path in .mdf database in
  5. You can use secure connections in your .net applications.

How to deploy web application using xcopy deployment technique in .NET

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 Xcopy is used to deploy an application by copying a set of files to a folder on the target computer and then execute the application on the client.The xcopy deployment technique
 deploys a fully functional application by simply copying the assemblies to the target computer.The xcopy deployment technique can also work with web applications with the exception of the folder structure,which that the files are copied to a virtual directory that you have setup for your web application.Here you can see How deploy your web application using Windows Installer technique.
There are some options of the XCopy Command as follows:-
1.) /E:-It copies directories, sub-directories and files including empty ones.
2.) /S:-It copies directories ,sub-directories and files excluding empty ones
3.) /R:-It is used to overwrites read only files. 
4.) /O:-It is used to copy security-related information such as file ownership and Access Control(ACL) Information.
5.) /K:-It copies attributes and normal xcopy will reset read-only attributes.
6.) /H:-It copies directories and sub-directories including hidden and system files.
7.) /I:-It assumes the destination as  a directory and creates if it does not exist.
8.) /C:-It continues copying even if an error occurs.

How to deploy a web application using Windows Installer Techniques in .NET Framework

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Introduction:- The web application is deployed on the server using techniques or  utilities present in .NET Framework. Deploying an application refers to the process of distributing an application among various platforms.There are various options available  to deploy applications from both the web server and the client perspectives. The visual studio 2010 provides many deployment techniques as given below.
  • Windows Installer
  • Xcopy
  • Publish
  • Web One Click Publish
  • Copy Web Site
You can understand some deployment techniques from below links also. 
There are some steps to deploy a web page using window installer techniques as given below:-

File Types in ASP.NET 4.0 Web Applications

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You already know , web applications contain numerous file types.This is supported and managed by the IIS Server or ASP.NET Applications.Generally, most of the file types can be generated using the Add New Dialog box in visual studio 2010.These file types is more important to you because they are helpful to understand the codes and behavior of the file. ASP.NET 4.0 supported many file types which we will see latter. All File types are mapped to web applications using application mappings. For Example if we open .txt file then it opens in Notepad by default because window .txt file directly mapped to the Notepad.exe file. All .NET Developers should know about these extension files and its usages. 
There are some file types managed by ASP.NET as given below:-

How to add Role Based Security in application using Website Administration Tool Easily

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Hi Friends, Today we will add Role Based Security in application using Website Administration Tool. This Tool is designed by the Microsoft for web applications.It enables many securty features in  application.
  • This tool enables you to setup and edit users,roles and access permission for your site.This features come under security tab.
  • This tool enables you to manage your application configuration settings.This features come under Application Configuration settings.
  • This tool enables you to specify where and how to store data used by your site .It come under provider configuration tab.
  • You enable security features in this existing login page

How to Save and Display images from Sql database using C# Easily

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Hi Friends ,Today ,I am  going to show you "How to Save and Display images from Sql database using C# ". This concepts is very useful for all Developers who want to develop an interactive application in .NET.In this post, first we will upload image and signature files using File Upload controls after that save the files in sql database. Then after we will display the image and signature from sql database. This is easy concepts but you have to understand this concepts . I will show each steps in below section of the page. You can be developed another concepts also from this concepts .But you will have to some changes in this concepts.
  • How to create image Gallery using J Query or Java Script in application.
  • How to develop a Examination forms  using
  • How to save your image in database offline and use it after some time.

How to Implement Login Controls in ASP.NET Application With Example

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Introduction :-  You already Know ,Internet is emerging as the most widely used medium for performing various tasks,such as online shopping ,Data exchanging and bank transactions etc. All this Information and data need to be secured against unauthorized access from malicious and illegal sources . For this purpose, we use authentication and authorization process. You can learn more from below about authentication and authorization in application.
You already know, we need to write large piece of code to create forms and user interfaces for authenticating the user and displaying the desired page based on the roles or rights given to the user.But It is very time consuming so that Microsoft developed a new series of server controls ,called login controls.
   To use login controls in your website. You just need to drag and drop them on the web page.
There is no need to write more codes in the codes-behind file.The Login controls have built in functionality for authentication and authorization of users.Microsoft were introduced (started) this services with ASP.NET 2.0. This control help to build the registration and login application without writing any code-behind codes and database. 

How to Change Password in website using C#

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Hi Fiends ! Today ,I am going to explain "How to change password in website with example".If you are managing an website then you have to add this page on your website.It is simple and easy process. If you have built registration and login page on website then you have to add this page on your website, Because every registered users want to change your password for security purpose.if you add this page on your website then any registered user can easily change your password and secure your valuable data. 
   I have already built a registration and login page in our previous post.Some students wanted this change password page so i am going to add this page in our previous registration and login page. Now days ,Google ,Yahoo,Facebook ,Microsoft  and other websites are using this functionality for security purpose. 
I have build this page in separate can add this page on your existing registration page by the copy and paste function.

How to Implement Page Life Cycle Concepts in Asp.Net with Example

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Hi Friends ! Today I am going to Explain Page Life Concepts in Asp.Net with real Life Examples.Some My Dear Students Demand me this post with Real Life today , i am going to publish this post with some examples.
           When an Page runs,the page perform a series of steps such as Initialization , Instantiating controls, Maintaining & Restoring state,Event Handler,Rendering, that is called page life.  
Rendering :-It is a process of creating a visual representation on a Display Surface.
There are some various steps of page life cycle in which are given below:-
  • PreInit
  • Init
  • InitComplete
  • PreLoad
  • Load
  • Control Events
  • LoadComplete
  • PreRender

How to implement Form Based authentication in appplication

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Form based authentication class resides within ""Namespace .  There are two technique which  used to  authenticate the user manually by following ways.
  1. By the hard code value
  2. By the web.config file
     1.) By the hard code value:- In this user can verify (authenticate) the web form (login.aspx) by specifying the user name and password from hard code value.
    2.) By web.config file:-In this user can authenticate (verify ) the web form    (login.aspx page) by specifying the user name and password from web.config file.

Note:- We can authenticate the user name and password from database also.
Where we can use this Authentication:-
Suppose you have limited employee in your organization(ex.200 employee).if you want to host your website on server to provide the relevant information to your employee. if you want ,only company 's member can access the website then you will have to generate user name and password manually and save in web.config file or in hard code values.If you want  to share secure information on your website so that only company's members can access them,then you will have to provide user name and password to each employee which you have mentioned in web.config file or hard code values.If any employee want to see the information send by the manager of company then they will have to verify your user name and password which is provide by the organization(manager). When any employee open the website then login page (login.aspx)  will be opened first, after authenticate the login page with user name and password employee will be redirected to home page (main page) of the website.After access the application you have to Logout .Other wise any anonymous user can login as your name with the help of browser cookie(persistence or Non persistence) data.It can be more harmful for an organization(company). 
There are some attribute and element which we can  use in web.config file (under authentication and authorization section).
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