How to download and install emnt android apps on your smart phones easily

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Hi friend, Today i have launched an emnt android application for android phone users.Some users ask me for this application.This is very easy to download and installed on your android phones.Here all MNT (MY.NET Tutorials) users can download this apps to their phones.So that they can easily access your useful .net materials from any locations through this apps. This is very easy,fast and more reliable to use.I have already checked it on my android phone. You can download and see this emnt icon on your phones as shown below:-

Now Double click on emnt icon and use it. 
Download this emnt apps from Dropbox     Download this emnt apps from google drive
             Download                                        Download

Put Your Views,Problems and Solutions

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Hi Friends ! I want your views ,problems and Solutions (if any) ,so that i can easily solve your problems in our coming posts.I want your help because every person expert in one field (area). So please share your different-different views so that it will helpful for me and others.We can solve every problems in .NET,Security and other Fields if all students and Developers provide full support to each others.So please visit this page every day and solve each employee,students problems through your valuable comments.I want to connect those persons who provide support to the persons.Please share your suggestions ,it is more need to me and others.   
             You can send your knowledge or post with your Name and Email address at . I will publish it as your post on website
           We all have come in life,do something so that people remember you for long time. I have  built this website so that every people (student) can share your valuable information (knowledge) across the world and World's people know every one Name.   

I hope you will participate in his program soon and visit this page every day to solve each persons problems. I will always feel your problem as my problem.

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