How to buy or sell Your own Projects Through MNT Platform Easily

 MY.NET Tutorials (MNT) has been launched new features. All students who are doing professional degrees(MCA, B.Tech.,MSC,,BCA,,Bsc. etc)  or have done the courses , can participate in this program.Here each students can buy or sell your projects on this platform easily. We will provide full support for your project promotion . We will display each projects on this page after complete verification.You can only sell your own projects on this platform, not your friends or others. Because you will have to provide full support to your clients (A student who will buy  your projects) from this platform. You can set your projects price yourself but we can change it ,if it needed. 

How to sell Projects ?:-
You can Sell Your project through this Form.Go Here
  1. A Student Can easily send your project report + a text file (complete student's details with mobile Number) at
  2. If Any student (user) want to buy your project then we will contact you on the basis of your text file's details for payment and others communication process.
  3. You can contact us at +919450993217 
Note:- Your text file must be contained the following information as given below:-
  • Full Name
  • Project Name + Project descriptions(at-least 200 words)
  • Mobile Number
How to Buy Projects ?:-

You can Buy Your project through this Form.Go Here
  • A student who want to buy any project from below lists, can contact at .
  • We will send whole project + reports + text file details after completion of the payment process.
  • A buyer can easily contact the project owner from this text file's  details and can take help to solve your project problems, if any.
  • A buyer(User) can complain through contact me form if any project owner does not give any response in 72 hours.
  • We will solve your project problem with the help of project's owner within 48 hours.if any.
  • You can contact us at +919450993217 
What are the benefits ? :-
  • A student can sent your project from your home and get the money in your account on the behalf of your project.
  • This is completely free service.
  • A student can earn money for long time from here.
Terms and conditions:-
  • Each seller students can send  your own projects ( involved in that project team).Otherwise we will remove it, from the lists after the verification. 
  • Each seller can earn money long time from this platform,if they will provide full supports to your buyers whatever they can do.
  • Each seller student will have to solve the problem of buyer student.Otherwise we will remove the project from the lists.
  • We will publish each student name with project details, So You(seller) have to provide correct details(Name + projects description in text file) .otherwise we will unable to publish it.
  • If you complete the payment process then it will not refundable , So please buy the project after see the complete functionality.
Note:- You can submit any language projects such as .NET ,C ,C++ ,PHP, JAVA, JAVA SCRIPTS, PERLS, PYTHON,NETWORKING etc.

You  can choose your projects from the below lists as given below:- Use Internet Explorer or Firefox Browser for best view.

S.N. Project Descriptions Student Technology Price
1. E-Post System Registration,login,payment gateway,email services Sachin .NET $00
2. Operating System Simulator Algorithms,memory allocation,paging,segmentation,Process scheduling etc. Sujeet kumar jaiswal JAVA $10
3. Customer Care Management System (E-Care) Provide product Info,Customer Supports,Clients problems Solutions Vishal Kumar JAVA $12
4. Village Development Monitoring AgencyA group of volunteers can communicate and access information about a village or town development.Primary education, people’s health, government policies awareness and availability of basic facilities/infrastructure ,etc. Ajeet Kumar JAVA $8
5. Multitasking Unix Shell in Linux Designed shell and implemented Some Commands.1.) External commands (ls,chmod,cp,mv,cat,mkdir etc.). 2.) Internal commands (echo,kill,exit,pwd,help,hinfo etc.) Ramashanker Verma C Language $17
6. Steganography Tool This project is developed for hiding information in any image file Prabha Singh .NET $8
7. Human Resource Management System (HRMS) Admin ,Employee,Applicant login and others etc. Neha Singh .NET $8
8. Airline Reservation Software The main aim of this project is to develop software which would facilitate the reservation of airline tickets for passengers intending to travel in airwaysRohit JAVA $10
9. Central Library Management System Management of Libraries books(stocks) Saurabh Verma VB .NET $8
10. Business Consultancy Users registration,Profile management,Add new subjects and posts,Administrators will have control over the postings and replies.,Chat facility,E-Mail Facility,Admin can add new consultancy,Users can search consultancy,Make online appointments FEATURES OF THE PROJECT etc.Dinesh kumar .NET$8
11. IMAGE SCRAMBLING USING M-SEQUENCE GENERATORImage Scrambling Using M-Sequence Generator is a desktop application for providing security to the images from getting into the hands of unauthorized users.A Secure transmission from sender to authentic user etc.Akash kumar Patel JAVA$15
12. E-Learning System A project regarding E-Learning System where the student can watch video, download notes, along with backup and recovery features Mohammed Zubair .NET/C# $15
13. This is completely built on Nodejs plateform with database.You can easily customize it according to your requirements. Pushkar Yadav Node Js $40
14.Patient Health Monitoring Over IoTIoT-related healthcare systems today are based on essential definition of IoT as network of devices that connects directly with each other to capture and share the vital data through the secure service layer (SSL) that connects to a central command and controls the server in cloudM.VENKAT NAIDUC/PYTHON $16
15.Matrimonial Project The main aim of the Matrimonial Project in ASP.Net & SQL is to provide a relation between marriage Agents and Profile looking usersSURAJ S.PALSAMKARASP.Net,Ajax $-12
16.Online Library Management System (LiMS)This project is aimed at developing an online Library Management System (LiMS) for the college library. This is an Intranet based application that can be accessed throughout the campus. This system can be used to search for books/magazines, reserve books, find out who is having a particular book, put in requests to buy a new book etcIrshad P MAsp.Net, C# $75
17.Resume Builder ApplicationDevelop an Intranet Application for Winner Technologies Ltd. for automating the process of Resume Writing. This would be facilitating the employees to make and print their resumes in a proper format. In addition, it will be facilitating the higher management to search the employees depending upon their skills sets and other attributes.
Irshad P M Asp.Net,C# $75
18.Multiplex Management SystemThis Project Is Completely Made on the Requirements Of the Mulitplex (Theatre) Owner.Upendra .net,msacess and crystal report $13
19.DreamJobs(Job Portal)A job portal is a website dedicated for online information about recruiters as well as job Seekers.A job portal helps both the job seekers and recruiters finding the right organization for the employees. In the case of job seekers, according to their educational qualification, experience and their Preferences, the job portal shows the list of companies to the job seeker. And to the recruiters, provides the suitable candidates from a pool of lacks.So, a job portal is the perfect online arena, where both the job seekers and the employers find their Goal in the pursuit of getting a top notch company for the suitable candidates.Pankaj Sharma.NET $15
20.Online ShoppingIn this project we have admin module,Login section and Registration section where according to us admin can edit update and delete the product.Admin has all rights to do to crud on all application
user can purchase any of the item that are listed in the Product table and after ordering the product user can track the product status.
we provide the common design using the master page.
Mudit.Net/C# $15 applicationsmall child easily to study and fun enjoyment of my projectrathod vishvarajsing android studio $16-
22.Property.comIt's a PHP project with JavaScript used for validation.In this project we will show all our property and all its information.It can be extended to show web projects .Pallavi saxenaPHP $10
23.Windows 10 Calculator (Web)Windows 10 Calculator (Web Calculator) using ASP.Net.Sandeep.NET $8
24.Billing software and Restorant Management system with billing systemBilling Management,Staff Management ,Staff Attendance Management,Stock Management,Selling,Purchase,ReportArvindC# $15
25.Meenaz FileCase This is a web-based case management system for managing legal cases in law office. It is used to store different case details.Add a case , searching a case, and also HR module to add employees,,etcMariyamPHP/ MYSQL/ HTML $10-
26.Coming soonComing soonComing soonComing soon $-
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