ASP.NET Interview Questions and Answers Part 16

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1.) What is role based Security in ?                                                                          
A role is a named set of principals that have the same privileges with respect to security .A principal can be a member of one or more roles .Therefore ,applications can use role membership to determine whether a principal is authorized to perform a request action.

2.) Which are two properties used on every validation control ?                                 
  • ControlToValidate
  • ErrorMessage
 3.) How to use session state tag in web.config file ?                                                          
We can configure session state features via the <sessionstate> section in a web.config file .The default of session is 20 minutes. we can change it from your web.config file.
We can add the following to the web.config file of an application.
<sessionstate   timeout = "30"/>

4.)What is AutoEventWirup attribute in ?                                                           
It is attribute of  @Page Directive. By default its value is 'True' that means event of page class will be bound automatically with event handlers but if it is 'false' then we need to bind event handler with page class event manually.

5.)What is difference between web services and remoting services ?                        
Web Services :- 
  1. Web Services can be accessed only HTTP.
  2. It work in a stateless environment.
  3. It support interoperability across platforms and are ideal for heterogeneous environments .
  4. It is easy to create and deploy.
  5. It provides extensibility by allowing us to intercept the SOAP messages during the serialization and deserialization stages.
  6. It is highly reliable because it can easily hosted on IIS Server.
  7. It support only the data type defined in the XSD type system.
.NET Remoting :- 
  1. Remoting services can be accessed over any protocol (eg. TCP,HTTP,SMTP etc.)
  2. It provide support for both stateful and stateless environments through singleton and singlecall objects.
  3. It requires the client be built using .NET ,enforcing  homogenous environment.
  4. It is complex to create and deploy.
  5. It is very extensible by allowing to customize the different components of the .NET remoting framework.
  6. It is less reliable with IIS Server.
  7. With the help of binary communication .NET Remoting can Provide support for rich type system.

6.)What is Singleton and singlecall in .NET ?                                                                       
Singleton :- This types never have more than one instance exists,all client requests are served by that instance.
SingleCall:-This types always have one instance per client request.The next method invocation will be serviced by a different server instance ,even if the previous instance has not yet been recycled by the system.

7.) Where are the IIS log file stored in your system ?                                                       
You can configure your IIS server and set your IIS log files.Default location of log files are given below:- 
See it:-
logon configuration

8.) What is IIS isolation Levels ?                                                                                               
 IIS (Internet Information Server) introduced the notion "Isolation Level" which is also present in IIS4 under different name.IIS5 supports three isolation levels  as given below:-
  1. Low (IIS Process)
  2. Medium (Pooled)
  3. High (Isolated) 
9.) Are web services a replacement for other distributed plateforms ?                    
No, web services is just a new way of looking at existing implementation plateforms.

10.) How to send email message from page easily ?                                           
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ASP.NET Interview Questions and Answers Part 15

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1.) What are the server controls in ASP.NET ?                                                                        
ASP.NET server controls are components that run on the server and encapsulate user interface and related functionality .They are used in ASP.NET code behind and pages.

2.) How can differentiate web server controls and custom controls  ?                       
Web user controls:-
  1. It is easier to create.
  2. It is good for static layout.
  3. It provide limited support for consumers who use a visual design tool.
  4. We can't  be added it to the toolbox  in visual studio.
  5. A separate copy of the control is required  in any application.
Web custom controls:-  
  1. It is harder to create.
  2. It is good for dynamic layout.
  3. It provide full visual design tool support for consumers.
  4. It can be added to the toolbox in visual studio.
  5. In the global assembly cache ,only a single copy of the control is required.
3.) What is difference between asp session and session ?                                
  • ASP.NET session supports cookie less session and it can 'span' across multiple servers.
  • ASP session is not like that.
4.) What method is used to explicitly kill users session ?                                                 
 We use Abandon() method for this.

5.) What are the different ways we would consider sending data across page in ?
  • Properties (public)  
  • Session                                      
6.) How to implement view state in ASP.NET  Application?                                            
 More Details...

7.) What are the two type of state management technique used in .NET ?                
There are two state management technique used in .net as given below:-

     1.) Server based  state management
  • Application state 
  • Session state
  • Data based support
     2.) Client based state management
  • View state 
  • Cookies
  • Hidden Fields
  • Query strings
8.) How to create permanent or persistent cookies in ASP.NET application ?       
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9.) How to create local or browser or non persistent cookie in application ?                            
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10.) What is different between server side code and client side code (script) ?     
The server side codes are processed at the server end and send the result to the client end, Client side  codes (scripts) are executed only at the client end.  

11.) How can you deploy your application on server ?                                        
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12.) How do implement AutoPostBack with a text box ?                                                    
Set AutoPostBack properties = True;

Asp.Net Interview Questions and Answers Part 13

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1.) What is the use of VaryByCustom attribute in Caching ?                                       
The VariByCustom attribute is used for a Custom strings according to the requirements of a user.

2.) Which three main controls are used to display the Entire table data in  ?
  • Grid View control
  • Repeater control
  • Data List Control
3.) What is the difference between Repeater control,Grid View Control and Data List control in ?

Asp.Net Interview Questions and Answers Part 12

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1.) Which attributes and elements are used in form based authentication in web.config file ?
  • Name
  • login URL
  • default URL
  • Timeout
  • Sliding Expiration
  • Protection
  • Path
  • Required SSL
  • Credentials
  • Authentication

Asp.Net Interview Questions and Answers Part 11

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1.) What Method is used to fail the user session?                                                         
Session.abandon Method

2.) What are the ways to fire the method events in                                   
  • Init() --> It is fired at initial level.
  • Load() --> It is fired when page is loaded on the server.
  • PreRender() --> It is fired to display the user page and html .
  • Unload()-->It is fired when page is loaded completely.

Asp.Net interview Questions and Answers Part 10

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1.) How to disable client side script in validation controls ?                                         
Set property "EnablclientScript"='false'

2.) What are the advantage of ?                                                                              
  • It is used to develop simpler and easier applications.
  • It is used to develop dynamic application using c#.
  • It provides security to the applications such as Windows authentication , Passport authentication,Form based authentication etc.
  • It is easily manage two files such as Design Form,Logic file or code file in any application.
  • It provides Built-in caching features also.

Asp.Net interview Questions and Answers Part 9

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1.) How to redirect the user to another web page without performing round trip to the client in application ?

2.) What method is used to bind the data items in ?                                   

3.) What is difference between  asp session and session in .NET ? session supports cookie less and it is change in SPAN tag on the server side at run time.But in asp not like that.

Asp.Net interview Questions and Answers Part 8

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1.) What are the Data Types supported by Range Validator Control in 
  • Integer
  • Date 
  • String
2.) What is Dynamic page in                                                                                    
C# codes provides dynamic functionality in any application.


Asp.Net interview Questions and Answers Part 7

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1.) What is WCF Services in ?                                                                                   
WCF is a set of .NET Technologies that is used for creation and consumption of data services in a website.It helps the developers to build secure and reliable applications (websites).It Provides common platform for building service oriented application.

2.) What were technologies(protocol,services) used by Microsoft before WCF ? 
  1. Web services (.asmx)
  2. Web Service Enhancements (WSE)
  3. .NET Remoting
  4. Microsoft message queuing (MSMQ)

Asp.Net interview Questions and Answers Part 6

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1.) What is web services in                                                                                   
Web Services is service which is available over the web. A Web Service is used to implement the specific functionality to Execute the business logic codes of  the application . This technologies allowed  to developer to create a specific component once (make only logic code) so that they can share it across the multiple application by multiple developers.

2.) Which Technologies were using before web services in                          
  • Component object model (COM)
  • Distributed Component object model (DCOM)

Asp.Net interview Questions and Answers Part 5

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1.) What is built-in object in                                                                          
2.) How to use connection string in web.config file?                                                 
<add key="msg" value="msdotnet"/>
<add key="app_con" value="data source=my-pc;integrated security=yes;database=mas"/>

Asp.Net interview Questions and Answers Part 4

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1.) Is Session state object encapsulate the state of browser and the client ?      

2.) What is protected configuration in ASP.NET ?                                                        
It is used to provide secure connection string information in application.

3.) How to send mail from application using c# ?                                           
More Details......

4.) What is difference between User and Server controls ?                                         
User control are basically created by the Developers and use it any specific application.But Server control are built-in controls. 

Asp.Net interview Questions and Answers Part 3

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1.) Why we use Query String in application?                                               
Query string is a method that store the state information on the client end If we want to send some information from the previous page to Next page then we use Query  strings in application.In this we can send the information as the Bar of URL by specifying'?'.
More Details..

2.) What is the purpose to use global.asax file in                                      
Global.asax file is used to maintain session and  application specific event within an application.We can have only one Global.asax file in a application.
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Asp.Net interview Questions and Answers Part 2

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1.) What is View state and how to implement it in ASP.NET Application?          
  View state stores page-specific information,when a page post back to the server .I have already implemented View state features in application.
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2.) What is hidden field control in  ASP.NET Application?                                     
If the web page view state is completely disabled but still we want to maintain some information for the current page.Then we generally use Hidden field control.
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Asp.Net interview Questions and Answers Part 1

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1. ) What is asp ?                                                                                                             
ASP --> Active Server Page
  • Active :- Active means,an asp page provides dynamic content that are updated every time ,When it is accessed(run).
  • Server:- An page contains scripts codes that always  Executes on web server.
  • Page:-An asp page is a web page that display in browser when any user execute it and navigate to another web page.
2. ) What is difference between asp and ?                                                    

3. ) What are the default Name space used on every page ?                     
  • using System;
  • using System.IO;
  • using System.Web;
  • using System.Web.UI;
  • using System.Web.UI.WebControls;
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