How to implement caching and Ajax features in web services

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In this tutorial ,i have implemented following things which are given below.
  1. How to use caching concepts in web services in
  2. How to make Ajax enabled web services in
  3. How to use Script Manager and Update Panel in web service
I have implemented caching concepts in our previous tutorials which are given below. 
The web services that are not Ajax enabled use the SOAP Protocol to send a request to server and get a response but Ajax enabled web services use the JSON format for this purpose.In our coming tutorial i will expain what is JSON and why we use it.  
Here i have shown 'How to use two or more web services in one application'.

How to insert and display the data from database using web service in application

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In this tutorial ,i am going to show you,why most of good developers are used web services and WCF services in your application.There are some reasons behind it which are given below:-
  1. Website size is decreased
  2. Improve the performance of the application
  3. increased security
  4. Less overhead on on server because each (website,web service) are hosted on different can be same server but different directories.
  5. Decrease website loading time because server is less overhead.
In this ,i have placed all connection related codes on web service file (myservice1.asmx) and passed all parameter values through website (mywebform.aspx) using Text box control.The main purpose to create a web service is placed maximum codes on web service (.asmx) file and less codes on website (mywebform.aspx). in previous tutorial i have already discussed more about web services.
  1. How to implement web service in application
  2. How to deploy web service by web setup project in visual studio 2010
There are some steps to implement this whole concepts which are given below:-

How to Deploy Web Service by Web Setup Project in Application

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In this tutorial, i am going to Explain how to deploy web service by web setup project.You can Install this web service on your computer or server and use this functionality from your website (application) .In our previous tutorial i have already explained
You need to transfer the web service from development environment to the production environment to make a web service available to website(Application).You can deploy this web service by Web Setup project template in visual studio 2010 or 2012. 
There are some steps to implements this concepts on website,which are given below:-
Step- 1 First open your visual studio --> File --> New -->website-->Select ASP.NET Empty website and select visual c# from left window-->OK-->open Solution Explorer -->Right click on website -->Add New Items -->Select Web Service and visual c#-->write web services Name (simpleService.asmx) -->click Add as shown below:-

How to Use Web Services in ASP.NET application

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Web Services is service which is available over the web. A Web Service is used to implement the specific functionality to Execute the business logic codes of  the application . This technologies allowed  to developer to create a specific component once (make only logic code) so that they can share it across the multiple application by multiple developers. Before the Web Services , we were using two technology which are given below:-
  • Component object model (COM)
  • Distributed Component object model (DCOM)
This technology is helpful to use one application to another application.However ,there were some fundamental difficulties in using these components. One such difficulty was that these components needed to be physically distributed and Explicitly registered on each client machine.
Today,Web Services overcome these difficulties as they can be shared (distributed) among multiple website without the need to install them on each individual client machines.
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