How to implement Virtual keyboard concepts on website easily

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Hi Friend,Today, we will learn "how to use virtual keyboard concepts on or other websites?". Nowadays ,there are many malicious "spyware" and "Trojan programs" which are harmful for our Username and password .if you use virtual keyboard on website,this will reduce the risk of password theft. If you are using banking sites from the cyber cafe ,please use virtual keyboard only otherwise your password may be compromised.In cyber cafe, may be installed key logger programs that will be risk of password theft .This programs might have infected your computers also .So that today i am going to show you "how to implement virtual keyboard concepts on websites".

How to create secure Registration and login page with Hashing encryption concepts in

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Introduction:- Hi friend,Today we will learn how to make secure registration and login page with hashing concepts in applications.Here we will also learn how to create https certificate on iis server.First we will learn why does we use hasing concepts and its advantages ? How to know this website is using hashing concepts or encryption or decryption concepts. Check by two steps..
1.) Change Password:-Suppose you want to change the password,if website send your password to your respective mobile or email address then you have to know that this website is not using hashing concepts otherwise it uses hashing concepts.
2.) Forget Password:-Suppose you want to forget your password and you want to change it,if website send your password on your respective mobile and email address then that website is not using hashing concepts otherwise it uses hashing concepts.
Nowadays , many popular websites are using hashing concepts like google (gmail,youtube, google+ ,etc.) , Facebook ,yahoo ,paypal ,twitter ,Instagram,linkedin , all banking websites etc. Many websites are  used encryption and decryption concepts also.But hashing concepts is more better than others .How to use hashing concepts in website

How to add and verify captcha codes on 3 tier login and registration page in applications

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Hi friend, today we will learn "how to add and verify captcha codes on your existing 3 tier login and registration page in". I have already explained ,how to to create 3 tier login and registration page.But here i will explain "how to add and verify captcha codes in 3 tier login and registration page".If you want to add more features on your registration and login page, you can follow below links.
I have alreafy implemented more concepts separately , It is yours responsibility, how to use it in different .NET applications.Here we will learn how to add captcha(.dll) codes in 3 tier architecture.You can add another captcha codes(graph) also in this application.This is easy process but you have to follow some steps as given below:-

How to convert original text to hash text using md5 and sh1 Algorithms in c#

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Introduction:- Hashing is secure and helpful concepts to convert original text to hash text.It is a cryptography Technology.There are many cryptography technology such symmetric and asymmetric but here we will learn only hashing concepts (md5 and sh1).If you want to discuss more details about cryptography ,you can contact me(holiday only).
  • A Hash function is an Algorithm which creates a digital representation or 'fingerprint' in the form of a "hash value" of a standard length.
  • Hash value is usually much smaller than the message.
  • It is one way function.

How to use ObjectDataSource control in applications

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Hi friend,Today we will learn how to configure and use ObjectDataSource control in applications .This control represents the business objects and allow you to use the objectDataSource control in conjunction with a data-bound control to display ,edit and sort the data on a web page with little or no code .The control is used to create web applications that rely on the middle-tier objects to manage data. I have already explained following data source as given below :-
There are some steps to implement the whole concepts as given below:-

WPF Interview questions and answers part 6

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1. ) What are the sibling libraries in WPF ?                                                                           
There are three types of sibling libraries in WPF.
  1.  Windows Communication Foundation (wcf)
  2. Windows Workflow Foundation (WWF)
  3. CardSpace 
2. ) Why does we use CardSpace in WPF ?                                                                            
  • CardSpace provides a common identification syatem.
  • Cardspace can be used on Desktop applications ,Websites, etc.                                
3. ) Which languages can be used  as a common medium for Designers and Developers both ?
  • XAML
  • HTML
4. ) What is difference between a XAML File and code behind file in WPF ?           
There are following differences between XAML file and Code behind file.
  • The XAML File contains the XAML Markup.
  • The Code Behind file is associated with a XAML File and contains C# or VB Codes. 
5. ) Why does we use x:Name attribute XAML in WPF ?                                                  
  • x:Name is used to allow you to uniquely Identify an instance of an object in XAML.
  • The value of this attribute can be referenced in the associated c#.
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