What is XML and how it differ from HTML

XML:->   It is a markup language which is used to describe the data and transfer the data from one application to another application .XML is a language which is platform independent format so it can used on Internet "Heterogeneous environment" to transfer the data and to describe the data.
Difference between XML and HTML:-
XML and HTML both are markup language but there are some difference between HTML and XML.
  • HTML is used to design the layout of form but XML is used to describe and transfer the data.
  • HTML is not case sensitive but XML is case sensitive.
  • HTML has predefined element but XML  has not predefined elements. we can  specify  according to our requirements.
Rules for a Well form Document:-
  • It must contain a root element.
  • Every starting tag must be contain end tag.
EX:-  <id> ....<//id>
  • We have to type of elements.
  1. Container element:- In this 'Start tag' will have an 'End tag'.
EX:-    <Name>.......</Name> 
    2.  Empty element:-   In this 'Start tag' is not 'End tag' but we specify by forwards lace (/).

EX:-    <Sid =   "100"    / >
  • We can specify an information as an Element or as a Attribute. Attribute value must be enclosed within this  "   "..
<Student id ="101" />
Here "101" is attribute value
  • <Id>  102   </Id>
Here 102   is a value.


  1. sir please give me some demo for implementing the JSN in asp.net c#

  2. hi season, i will give full implementation of JSN in coming tutorials ,wait..............


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