.NET Interview Questions and Answers

This is 1200 + .NET Interview Questions and Answers in simple Language.You can Learn .NET Interview Questions and Answers for your Jobs interview with Real life Examples. You can learn here .NET Basic Concepts with Examples, General c# ,variables and data types,operators and Expression, Decision making,Branching and looping, Methods concepts with examples, Arrays concepts with examples,Structures and Enumerations, Class and objects concepts with examples,oops concepts in c# with real life Examples, Interface and operator overloading concepts with examples, Exception Handling with real life examples,File handling concepts with Examples, Advanced c# and .NET Interview Questions and Answers concepts with Real life examples, All Advanced and General asp.net interview questions and answers with examples., All Advanced and General ado.net interview questions and answers with examples., Microsoft SQL Server interview questions and answers with examples. wpf interview questions and answers with examples,wcf interview questions and answers with examples,LINQ interview questions and answers with Examples,MVC interview questions and answers with real life examples ,silverlights , Web services interview questions and answers etc. I have covered all.NET  jobs interview questions and answers with an example.Read this Interview questions and answers,you will never be disappointed in your jobs interview. Please inform me if any suggestions in questions and answers.
C# Interview Questions and Answers:-                            

1. ) .NET  Questions part 1 2. )  .NET  Questions Part 2   3. )  General C# Question     

 4.)  Variables &Data Types                                5. )  Operators and Expression           

6. )  Decision Making ,Branching and Looping   7. )  Methods in C# 
 8. )   Arrays              

9. )  Strings   10.   Structures and Enumerations 11 ) Classes  and Objects 

12.)  oops Concepts    13. ) Interface and Operator Overloading    14. )   Delegates and Events        

 15. )  Exception Handling          17. )  File Handling   
 18.)   Multithreading 

    19.) .NET Questions Part 3     20.) .NET Questions Part 4

Advanced C# and .NET Interview Questions and Answers:-

 Part 1                                        Part 2                                            Part 3 

 Part 4                                        Part 5                                            Part 6

 Part 7                                        Part 8

Asp.Net Interview Questions and Answers                      

Asp.Net Part 1       Asp.Net Part 2          Asp.Net Part 3        Asp.Net Part 4   Asp.Net Part 5 

Asp.Net Part 6       Asp.Net Part 7        Asp.Net Part 8       Asp.Net Part 9    Asp.Net Part 10
    Asp.Net Part 11       Asp.Net Part 12     Asp.Net Part 13  Asp.Net Part 14    Asp.Net Part 15

    Asp.Net Part 16

    Ado.Net Interview Questions and Answers                     

    Ado.Net Part 1     Ado.Net Part 2       Ado.Net Part 3       Ado.Net Part 4       Ado.Net Part 5 

    Sql Server Interview Questions and Answers                 

    Sql Server Part 1 Sql Server Part 2  Sql Server Part 3  Sql Server Part 4 
    Sql Server Part 5  

    Sql Server Part 6  Sql Server Part 7   Sql Server Part 8  Sql Server Part 9

    WPF Interview Questions and Answers                            

    WPF Part 1          WPF Part 2         WPF Part 3          WPF Part 4             WPF Part 5 

    WPF Part 6

    WCF Interview Questions and Answers                            

    WCF Part 1          WCF Part 2         WCF Part 3          WCF Part 4             WCF Part 5 

    LINQ Interview Questions and Answers                           

    Linq Part 1            Linq Part 2          Linq Part 3           Linq Part 4             Linq Part 5

    MVC Interview Questions and Answers                           

    MVC Part 1        MVC Part 2         MVC Part 3           MVC Part 4              MVC Part 5

    MVC Part 6        MVC Part 7         MVC Part 8          MVC Part 9              MVC Part 10  


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