General C# Questions

1.) What is a Class?
A class is a user-defined data type.It is like a template.

2.) What is the importance of the Main Method in C# Program?
Every C# program start executing from the main method .We can not run any C# program without Main Method(),so Main Method is more important for executing any C# program.

3.) What are the types of comment styles in c#                                                             
  • Single Line comment (/*......*/)
  • Multiline comments (// .......)
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4.) What is an alias?                                                                                                              
An alias is a name ,which we can use instead of the Real Name.
using S= System.console; //S is alias for System.Console class
class example
public static void Main()
S.WriteLine ("Hello student");
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5.) What are different between Writ() and WriteLine() Method in C#?                   
 Write():-It is used to print the value in same line.
WriteLine():-It is used to print the value in a New Line.

6.) Where can we use 'using' Directive in C#?                                                                
We can use 'using' Directive only with Namespace not Class.
using System;                                             Valid
using System.Console;                            invalid
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7.) What are command Line arguments?                                                                        
 Command Line arguments are parameters supplied to the Main Method at the time of invoking it for execution.

8.) Why we use ReadLine() Method in C#?                                                                    
ReadLine() Method is used to Read the value Line by Line.

9.) What are the reason for Compile Time Error in C# program?                           
  • Syntax Error
  • Logic Error
10.) Can we use multiple Main Method in C#?                                                           
Yes,We can use Multiple main method in C# program.


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