Operators and Expressions Questions

1. ) What is an operator in C#?
An operator is a symbol that is used to perform certain Mathematical and Logical  manipulations.  operators are used in program to manipulate data and variables.
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2. ) What are  Special operators in C#?
is                                         Relational operator
as                                        Relational operator
typeof                               type operator
sizeof                                size operators
new                                    object creator
.(dot)                                 member-access operator
checked                            overflow checking
unchecked                       overflow checking

3. ) What are the shorthand assignment operators in C#?
  • x+=1
  • x-=1
  • x*=n+1
  • x/=n+1
  • x%=y
4. ) What is advantages of  shorthand assignment operators in C#?
  • The statement is more concise and easier to read.
  • It is more easier to write.
  • The use of shorthand operators result is a more efficient code.
5. ) What is type of conversion in C#?
  • Implicit conversion
  • Explicit conversion

6. ) What are the Increment and Decrement operators  in C#?
  • x++
  • x--
  • ++x
  • --x
7. ) What is implicit conversion  in C#?

8. ) What is Explicit conversion  in C#?
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9. ) What is mixed mode Arithmetic in C#?
When one of the operands is real and the other is integer then that expression is called a mixed-mode arithmetic.
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10. ) What is an Expression in C#?
An Expression is a statement that is evaluated by the compiler or  human.


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