File Handling questions and answers

  1. ) What are file and stream in                                                                             
A file is typically the principal means by which you can intact with a program .A file can be a data set that you can read,create ,delete,append and modify or a stream of bytes that are generated by the program. 
 2. ) What is Namespace used in file & stream classes?                                                    
Using System.IO;

 3. ) What is the Directory class ?                                                                                               
Directory class allows to include a buffering layer to read & write operations on the other stream.we can't inherit this class.

 4. ) What is the Directory Info class ?                                                                                      
Directory info class provides the instance methods for creating ,moving & enumerating through directories & sub directories.we can not inherit this class.
 5. ) What is the file class ?                                                                                                            
File class provides static methods that support creation,copying,moving and opening of the files in the creation of the file stream objects.

 6. ) What is the file Info class ?                                                                                                  
File info class provides instance method that support the creation,deletion,moving & opening of files in the creation of File stream objects.
 7. ) What are the classes used for creating Directories and Drives in our system ?
  • Directory
  • Directory Info
  • Drive Info
8. ) What are the serial ports used in file  & stream?                                                        
A serial port is a physical interface for serial communication to transfer information between a computer and a peripheral device. 

9. ) How can retrieve the details of the files ?                                                                      
More Details......

10. ) How can use copy the data from one file to another file ?                                     
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