Asp.Net interview Questions and Answers Part 2

1.) What is View state and how to implement it in ASP.NET Application?          
  View state stores page-specific information,when a page post back to the server .I have already implemented View state features in application.
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2.) What is hidden field control in  ASP.NET Application?                                     
If the web page view state is completely disabled but still we want to maintain some information for the current page.Then we generally use Hidden field control.
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3.) What is session state in ASP.NET ?                                                                         
Session state is used to store the information at the server end. Whenever we access the web application ,session id 128 ,256 or 512 bit generated.It depends which algorithm web are using
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4.) What is Cookie in ASP.NET ?                                                                                   
Cookie is a small text file which can be used to store the user specific information for personalized the web pages. It stores the data at the user end not server side.
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5.) What are the different type of Validation used in                               

  •  The RequiredField Validator control

  • The RangeValidator control

  • The RegularExpressionValidator control

  • The CompareValidator control

  • The customValidator control

  • The Validationsummary control

  • 6.) Is View state stores the current page information ?                                           

    7.) Where the View state is stored in ASP.NET ?                                                       
    Client Side (page)

    8.) What is caching in ASP.NET ?                                                                                 
     Caching is used to store the data temporarily either on a web server or on the client side (client system).In other words , Caching is a place where data is stored temporarily. 

    9.) What are the advantage of caching in ASP.NET ?                                               
    • Reduce the processing Time
    • Reduce the Network Traffic
    • Improve the Performance of web application
    • Enhance the user Experience
    • Lower Data used (Internet)
    • Improve the site performance
    • Large data management
    10.) What are different type of cookies used in ASP.NET ?                                    
    • Persistent cookie
    • Non Persistent cookie (session cookie)


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