Asp.Net interview Questions and Answers Part 7

1.) What is WCF Services in ?                                                                                   
WCF is a set of .NET Technologies that is used for creation and consumption of data services in a website.It helps the developers to build secure and reliable applications (websites).It Provides common platform for building service oriented application.

2.) What were technologies(protocol,services) used by Microsoft before WCF ? 
  1. Web services (.asmx)
  2. Web Service Enhancements (WSE)
  3. .NET Remoting
  4. Microsoft message queuing (MSMQ)
3.) What are advantage of  WCF  services in ?                                                    
The advantage of WCF over the previous technologies is that,it provides a common run time environment for the services.thereby, providing interoperability between services.

4.) What are layer Architectures used in WCF ?                                                               
  1. Contract layer
  2. Service Runtime layer
  3. Messaging layer
  4. Activation and Hosting Layer
5.) What are the Features of WCF Services  ?                                                                    
  • End point support
  • Enhanced transport layer
  • Queuing support
  • Improved security
  • Improved transaction process
  • Support for hosting WCF Service on various servers.
  • Ajax integration and java script object notation(JSON Support)
6.What is activation and hosting architecture in  WCF  ?                               
The activation and hosting layer renders various options for the services in which they can be activated as well as hosted. 
    7.Which type of Hosting used in WCF  ?                                                           
    • Self hosting (ex. window application,window service,console application.)
    • External server hosting (ex. IIS ,WAS)
    8.Which programming model is used in WCF  ?                                               
    •  Unified programming model
    9.What are the services provided by the WCF  ?                                                
    • Message queuing 
    • .NET Remoting
    • Distribute Transactions
    • Web services in single services -oriented programming model for distributed application.
    10.What are the main terms of WCF services in .NET ?                                                
    End Point:- An end point is a resource on a network through which message can be sent.This service in WCF are responsible for enabling communication between the client and service.

    • Address:-An address is a location that define s where message can be sent.
    • Binding:-It specify protocol (way of communication mechanism )communication between WCF and client application.You already know, protocol is set of rules.
    • Contract:- It specify the service name being provide by WCF Services.
    11.What types of  Contracts used in WCF services  ?                                                 
    • [Service contract]
    • [Operation Contract]
    • [Data Contract] and [Data Member]
    12.Which of the layers are provided action and hosting options in WCF    ?  
    • Window Activation Service (WAS)
    • Web Services
    • .EXE
    • COM+
    13.What is difference between web services and  WCF services in .NET ?        
    More details...

    14.) Is WCF Services an Enhancement of web services in .NET ?                          


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