Ado.Net Interview Questions and Answers Part 2

1.) How can draw a arrow diagram of connected Architecture ?                              
Application ---> DataReader ---> Database

2.) How can draw a arrow diagram of disconnected Architecture ?                              
Application ---> DataSet---> DataAdopter ---> Database

3.) What are the advantages of Ado.Net ?                                                                           
  • In Ado.Net ,Data is persisted as XML.
  • All Schema define data Structures.
  • Ado.Net does not depend on continuously Live connections.
  • In Ado.Net , Data cab be cached in Data set.
  • In this ,Data set are Independent of Data Source.
  • We can easily interact with database using command.  
4.) What are the two Fundamental object in  Ado.Net ?                                              
  • Data Reader
  • Data Set
5.) How can we connect database in  Ado.Net ?                                                               
SqlConnection con = new SqlConnection("Data Source=localhost; Integrated Security=SSPI;" +  "Initial Catalog=Master");

6.) Which Architecture is more better on the basis of security Purpose ?           
Disconnected Architecture  

7.) What are use of relation objects in Data set ?                                                 
 A Data set contains multiple Data Table objects.We can use Data Relation Objects to relate a table to another table.Ex. Create UniqueConstraints to the parents table and ForeignKeyConstraints on the child table.

8.) What are Name space used for a Data class ?                                                 
  • System.Data
  • System.Data.oleDB
  • System.Data.Sql Clients
  • System.Data.sqlTypes
  • System.Data.XML
9.) How can we create Data Adopter and Data Set in ADO.Net ?                           
We can create Data Adopter and Data Set by to ways:-
  • Through Menu (By toolbox)
  • Through Coding (c#,vb)
10.) What is the difference between Data Set and Data Reader in Ado.Net ?      
Data Set:-
  • Data Set object can holds more than one table at a time from the same data source.
  • Data Set is used in Disconnected Architecture.
  • Data set Can based as persist contents.
Data Reader:-
  • Data Reader object is used only read access to provides forward only.
  • Data Reader is connected Architecture .
  • Data Reader can't persist contents in Ado.Net.


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