Ado.Net Interview Questions and Answers Part 3

1.) What are the method Provided by Data Set to Generate XML ?                            
  • Get XML :- This Return the String containing XML Document.
  • Read XML :- It is used to Read XML Document to Data Set.
  • Write XML:-  This is used to write the XML Data to Disk (file).
2.) What are the meaning of Data Set Clone and Data Set Copy in Ado.Net?         
  • Data Set Clone :-It is used to copy the structure but not used to copy the data.
  • Data Set Copy:- It is used to copy the structure and Data both.
3.) What is the use of Data Adopter in Ado.Net?                                                                 
Data Adopter is used between Data Set and Database.It is a mediator between Data Set and Database.It is used to transfer the values to both end.  

4.) What are the Namespace used for Connectivity in Ado.Net?                               
  • System.Data.SqlClient
  • System.Data.OracleClient
  • System.Data.oleDB
  • System.Data.ODBC
5.) What namespace is used to connect any database in Ado.Net?                         

6.) What namespace is used to connect only SQL database in Ado.Net?               

8.) Can we use Stored Procedure for connectivity in Ado.Net?                                  

9.) What tool are used to Generate XML Schema and typed Data Set in Ado.Net?
  • Visual Studio
  • XSD.exe

10.) What is Data Set in Ado.Net?                                                                                          
Data Set is a Cache Memory where data resides.It is also known as local storage of data.

11.) What are the commands Available in Ado.Net?                                                      
  • Select Command
  • Insert Command
  • Delete Command
  • Update Command


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