Asp.Net Interview Questions and Answers Part 13

1.) What is the use of VaryByCustom attribute in Caching ?                                       
The VariByCustom attribute is used for a Custom strings according to the requirements of a user.

2.) Which three main controls are used to display the Entire table data in  ?
  • Grid View control
  • Repeater control
  • Data List Control
3.) What is the difference between Repeater control,Grid View Control and Data List control in ?
  • Repeater and Data List controls don't have any default layout.We specify the template   to display the data .But Grid view control has a default layout to display the data in Row and Column.
  • By default on browser side repeater control is not converted in any 'HTML' tag but Grid view and Data List controls converted in 'HTML' table tag.
  • Repeater control does not have any Predefined event to added and delete the records but Grid view and Data list Controls have this event to added and delete the records.
4.) What is data mining in  ?                                                                                 
Binding the data with control is called "data Mining". 
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5.) What types of data mining is used in  ?                                                      
  1. Simple Data Mining
  2. Complex data mining
6.) How to bind variables with controls in Design section of page ?  
 <asp :Label ID ="Label 1" run at ="server" Text '<%#str>' Label </asp:Label>

7.) What are the two types of temporary object used for creating  temporary   table in Database  ?
  • Local temporary object
  • Global temporary object

8.) What is the use of HTTP Handler application in ?                                 
HTTP Handler are used to handle the user request for the web application resources.It is also known as request response model of web application.
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9.) What is the use of Details View and Form view controls in ?            
These controls can be used to show and manipulate the data in control show only one record a time. Details view has a default layout like grid view.but Form view has not a default layout like Data List and Repeater control. We can easily perform insert ,edit,update ,delete and print operations by these controls.

10.) Can we attach the Master page in a Existing Form of ?                     

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