How to Create Write,Read,Search,Append and Delete files from Your System by a Software

Hi Friends! Today I have built a software which can used for different commercial purpose.You can perform some action with your file without opening it.Students can manipulate your file by this software,after installing on your system.I have putted only limited functionality in this software ,if it is helpful then i will update other functionality also.
There are some functionality available in this software.
  1. You can easily create New file in your Drive (Ex. txt,.doc,etc ).
  2. You can easily write the content in your file without opening it.
  3. You can easily Read your existing file contents without opening it.
  4. You can check whether particular sentence or word is present in your file or nor.
  5. You can easily write the sentence in your existing from end of your existing file contents.
  6. You can delete your file from your drive by this software without go to that drive.
How to Install this software in your computer:-
  • If you are using Window XP/VISTA/7 then you have to update your .net framework first before installing this setup from here.
  • If you are using window 8 then you can directly installed it.
  • It will show exception if you use multiple process at one time.So if it through exception then close it and restart again then it will work.
You can see the screen of this software after open it as shown below:

Download software from below link
Attention:- Put your views through that i can update it easily.

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  1. Nice one but hey..we are actually interested in how you built it..not on d already built any step by step video pleas!!!


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