General .NET Interview Questions and Answers Part 2

1.) What is .NET Assembly ?                                                                                                        
A assembly is the smallest units of  versioning and deployment in the .NET Application. In other way :- A single deployment unit is known as an assembly file. We generally use following assembly file in .NET Application.
  • Web services
  • Windows Services
  • Service components
  • Remoting Application
  • WCF Services
2.) What are the types of Assembly files in .NET ?                                                             
  1. Private assembly
  2. Shared assembly
3.) What is a Strong Name in .NET ?                                                                                        
A Strong Name contains the name of the assembly ,Version number,culture and a public key tokens.

4.) What is difference between private and shared assembly ?                                     
Private assembly:-
  • Private assembly is used inside an application only.
  • We can't access it fromout side the application.
  • It is not identified by a strong Name.
Public or shared assembly:-
  • Shared assembly can be used in multiple applications.
  • It can be used inside or outside the applications.
  • It contains a strong name.
5.) Where is shared assembly file stored ?                                                                            

Global assembly cache

6.) How to create a strong name for a .NET Application ?                                             
To create a strong Name ,We use a strong Name tool (sn.exe).

7.) Can we place two files with same file name in GAC Folder ?                                  

8.) How does GAC differentiate two files with same name  ?                                        
GAC does differentiate two files with same name by version number.
If first file has version number = then second file has version number =

9.) What is delay signing  ?                                                                                                           
It allows you to place shared assembly in the GAC folder by signing the assembly with public key or private key.

10.) What is design patterns  ?                                                                                                   
A design patterns are the most important parts of any project life cycle.
  • A good design patterns is more responsible to success of any projects.
  •  A good design patterns have the potential to permanent change the software engineering field.
11.) What are the types of design patterns  ?                                                                      
  • Creational patterns
  • Behavioral patterns
  • Structure patterns 
12.) What is .NET framework ?                                                                                                 
The .NET  Frameworks is a part of Microsoft.NET . The .NET Frameworks consists of two parts:
  1. .NET Common Language Runtime
  2. .NET Class Library
These two components are packaged together into the .NET Frameworks SDK .You can download it free from microsoft site.


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