How to create tables in Microsoft Access Database 2010

There are some databases that we use for commercial purpose. 
  • Ms SQL Server
  • Mysql
  • Ms Access
Ms Access database is a built-in package of all Microsoft Office Software.This is fully supportable to all window operating system.This is more advantage with this database that you can use it with any Technology such as
  • .NET
  • Java
  • php
  • HTML
  Here i will show you "how to create tables in Ms Access Database".If you are using MS SQL OR other databases then you can easily create and use it with your commercial applications. Microsoft office is a separate package provided by Microsoft.You have to install this package if you want to use it on your windows platform. This package is already installed if you buy  your window premium version otherwise you will have to install it on your syatem.
   There are some steps to understand this concepts as given below:-

Step 1 :- First open your Microsoft Access Database from your Start Menu as shown below:- 

Step 2 :- Now create a Blank Database and write Your Database Name(msdotnet)as shown below:-

blank database

Step 3 :- Now Double click on Blank Database --> You will see the following page as shown below:-


Step 4 :-  Now Right click Table1 --> Go Design View as shown below:-

Step 5 :-  Now  Click Design View -->Write your Table Name as you want which is as shown below:-
table name

Step 6 :- Now Create columns on your table --> Set Constraints (Primary key)  as shown below:-
  • Set Auto Increment Number with No Duplicates Value as shown below:-

Step 7 :- If you want to  create nested columns inside any columns --> Click on Lookup Wizard  --> Proceed with Next Button as shown below:-

  • Now Proceed with Next and write your nested columns as shown below:-
  • Now Proceed with Next Button --> Click Allow Multiple Values --> Press Finish --> Done .
Note :-

  • Press CTRL +S  (or go File and press Save button ).

Step 8 :- Now Open Your Table (Student)--> Write some values manually as shown below:-

insert values

Note :-

  • In this post you learnt "how to create table in MS Access Database and Insert some values in this table".You can also apply constraints and others.
  • Here you can  insert values in your table manually.But in coming post ,i will show you " How to insert values in ms access table using c# in application" .
  • Similarly you can use windows form and wpf application also for this purpose.
Step 9 :- If you want to create many tables in your MS Access Database then  see below image.

Note :-
  • If you want to apply foreign key constraints on your table then you will have to more than one table.
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