Introduction of MVC

Nowadays, There are lots of peoples accessing the information from the web.They are accessing the information from different sources like  Laptop,Desktop,Mobile,Tablet,Ipad etc. So Developers should develop those applications who can be viewed on different devices easily. To overcome this problem Microsoft has developed a template that is called  MVC Template.We can view mvc template applications on different devices without facing any problem.
A user Many want to view the static information of a website on a different page,while another user many want to view the same information with some other dynamic content.MVC template can solve this problem.
MVC is a new technology developed by microsoft to enhance some features of application.Therefore,in an application,we may need to create multiple view for a single model.When developing a small application,there is no need to separate data access ,business logic,presentation logic and control codes in an application.But when developing large enterprise level application,interweaving  makes code files more complex,therefore it will be difficult to manage while implementing changes in future. As a result the  implementation ,testing and maintenance efforts are also  duplicated.To reduce this problem,we have to separate the application like
  • Presentation logic
  • Business logic
  • Control logic
 The solution to these problems comes in the form of a Model -View-Controller(MVC) Design Pattern.which separate the data access ,business logic and presentation logic and enables creation of a number of views accessing the same enterprise application model.
If you want to develop enterprise level application then you have to use two  microsoft .net technology.
  1. 3 Tier Architecture  concepts of ASP.NET Web Application
  2. Model -View-Controller(MVC) 
Model View Controller Architecture
You already Know, A web application requires interaction with different types of clients with different types of user interfaces. If a web applications require interaction with multiple types of clients,so different  types of applications are required to support each type of client.This creates lots of problem in designing ,debugging and maintenance.The solution of this problem is the use of MVC architecture while designing an application.
There are three types of interfaces can be used to access the information from the internet as given below:-
1.) HTML View :- Many web users want to view web application in HTML format (static page). MVC framework provide this feature to our web users.  
2.) WML View :- Nowadays, most of the user accessing information through mobile ,laptop,tablet etc.on wireless network.MVC framework provide this compatibility to our wireless users. 
3.) Form View :- This features can be used only by Administrator .MVC Framework is also helpful for this purpose.

There are three main component of MVC as give n below:-
  • Model
  • View
  • Controller
They communicate with each other if application needs to manage a coherent interaction with the user.Although ,the view and the controller communicates with each other directly because these two components are specially designed to work together.However, the model communicates whenever it is required by the controller.  
I will explain each components in detail in our Coming Post.
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