Namespaces in ASP.NET MVC

We have already learnt about Namespaces in C# in our previous tutorial.Here we will learn namespace in ASP.NET MVC application.The Namespaces,classes and interfaces support the ASP.NET MVC Patterns. System.Web.Mvc assembly is used  for namespaces ,classes and interfaces in ASP.NET MVC pattens.
There are some important namespaces as given below:-
  1. System.Web.Mvc
  2. System.Web.Mvc.Html
  3. System.Web.Mvc.Ajax
  4. System.Web.Mvc.Async
1.) System.Web.Mvc :- 
      This Namespace contains classes,interfaces that support the Mvc Pattern for ASP.NET web application.The namespaces includes classes that represent controllers,controller factories , action result,views,partial views and model binders and much more.
2.) System.Web.Mvc.Html :-
       This namespace contains the classes that help render HTML controls in MVC application.This include classes that support forms input controls,partial views,links and validation.   
3.) System.Web.Mvc.Ajax :-
      This namespace contains classes that support Ajax scripts in ASP.NET MVC application. This namespace includes supports for Ajax settings and Ajax Scripts as well.
4.) System.Web.Mvc.Asnc :-
This namespace contains classes and interfaces that support asynchronous actions in an ASP.NET MVC application


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