How to install Crystal Reports on your visual studio 2010 and Solve the problems of CrystalReport.mht file easily

Introduction :- Hi Friend, Before understanding the Concepts of Crystal reports,you have to install crystal reports tools on your visual studio 2010 or  visual studio 2012 or  visual studio 2013 etc. Here i will tell you ,how to install crystal reports on your visual studio 2010 and above. 
Here i will explain it with the help of visual studio 2010. I have downloaded some crystal report's versions but still it is not working in my visual studio 2010. When i tried to create crystal report still i was getting same page CrystalReport.mht file , I have found that some  version of crystal reports are not working for visual studio 2010. So i have downloaded an old version of crystal reports ,which is working in my visual studio 2010.I have installed this old version on visual studio 2010. I am using 32-bit architecture. 
  1. If you are using 32-bit architecture and visual studio 2010 then you have to download it from here .
  2. If You are using 64-Bit Architecture and visual studio 2010 then you have to download it form here.
  3. If your using 32 -bit architecture and visual studio 2012 or visual studio 2013 the you have to download it from here .
  4. If your using 64 -bit architecture and visual studio 2012 or visual studio 2013 the you have to download it from here .
If are facing any type of problems, follow below link to download your appropriate crystal report as follows:-
  •  First open below link from here and download appropriate crystal report as shown below:-
visual studio

How to use it in your visual studio 2010:-
Step 1:- First download crystal reports from above links and install it on your visual studio.
Step 2:- Now open your visual studio 2010 --> File --> New --> Web site --> Select ASP.NET Crystal Reports --> Press OK as shown below:- crystal reports website

Step 3:- Before install Crystal Reports on visual studio, you will receive following page(CrystalReport.mht ) as shown below:-
Step 4:- After installed CrstalReports, Press OK Button --> You will see Crystal Reports Gallery (CrystalReport.rpt file) --> You can choose your Documents from here as shown below:-

Note :- When you will open your ASP.NET Crystal Reports in your visual studio 2010, If crystal reports are installed correctly on your visual studio then you will see CrystalReport.rpt file working correctly otherwise you will see CrystalReports.mht file error. Here you have solved the problems of  CrystalReports.mht file and CrystalReport.rpt file both.


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