Introduction of Crystal Reports in .NET

About Reports :- We already know,In Businesses and enterprises, organizing and presenting information is traditionally done in documents called Report.
There are following reasons to use Reports in businesses and enterprises as follows:-
  • We already know,raw data has not been processed in any manner.It is neither meaningful nor useful to people.
  • To make this data useful,we have to organize in a meaningful way.
  • All though report can also be created manually,their complexity has increased over the years.This has made it difficult to add,modify or sort data in them.   
A standard report can have multiple functionalities as follows:-
  • A report can be used to calculate and aggregate data to support conditional formatting.
  • A Report supports links.
  • A report supports Bookmarks and document maps.
  • A report supports sort and group functionality so that we will be able to retrieve and organize data with precision.
  • A report also provide the run time functionality so that users can navigate large report,search for specific data,export the report to a file, print the report etc.  
Note :-
  • In .NET, a information is done in documents using Crystal reports tool ,called report.
  • In .NET , all the functionalities of report have been incorporated in crystal reports tool.
About Crystal reports:-
Crystal Reports is a standard ,powerful and dynamic tool.which is used to create attractive and interactive report quickly and easily , that are good for formal presentations.Crystal reports helps you to execute decision instantly from the report itself. Such as showing data (Contents) in a specific order or format, such as PDF(Portable document format) or word, which reduces dependency on developers.The crystal reports tool has now become a standard for creating report in visual studio 2010 and above.
Why do we need Crystal reports in .NET :- 
We already know, data can be easily retrieved from the data source. To do this we simply need to write the code for the data and display the data in our web application.In .NET Framework, we can display the data by binding it to controls,such as a Repeater,Data Grid or Data List .However ,Presenting this data in the format of a formal report is far more complex.
Before Crystal reports,Web application used to display data in the form of simple report .This Method  of displaying data did not support all the features of the report.Such as charting, report navigation,text search ,conditional formatting and passed output.
Therefore crystal reports tool introduced in .NET to make the creation and distribution of complex report.
Features of Crystal Reports :-  
There are following features of crystal reports as follows:-
  • It is not embedded in visual studio . You have to download and install first before use.
  • It includes new windows presentation foundation(WPF) viewer.
  • It includes Microsoft excel file report to use the big grid for Excel report.
  • It enables you to create dynamic and cascading parameters that improved the embedded report designer.
  • It contains improvements in its application programming interface.
  • It provides more reduced deployment size and facility for MSI deployment.
  • It protects the internal business logic by providing the facility of converting rpt files that can only be opened by the the report viewers.   
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