How to Display data in ReportViewer Control in web application easily

Hi friend,Today we will learn "How to display data in ReportViewer control''in web application. The ReportViewer control is used to embed report functionality in a application.You can add more than one instance of a report Viewer control to the web page from the toolbox by using drag and drop feature.The Report View control displays one report definition at a time by default.But we can combine multiple instances of the control on the page as well if we want to view the report simultaneously. A single instance can also be used to host multiple report as long as users display one report at a time. The Report viewer controls work either in the local processing mode or in remote processing mode. You can also display the data by using Crystal Reports .
There are some steps to implement this whole concepts as given below:-

Step 1 :- First create a table(student1) with some columns if you have not created before in SQL SERVER -->and Insert some values as shown below:-

Step 2 :- Now open your visual studio--> File -->New--> Web site-->Select ASP.NET Empty website -->OK --> Open Solution Explorer -->Add a new web Page(Default.aspx). 
Step 3 :- Now Drag and drop ReportViewer and ScriptManager control on the page from the toolbox as shown below:-

Step 4 :- Now press smart tag in ReportViewer control--> Go Design a new report-->  as shown below:-
Step 5 :- Now choose the Data set properties--> press New Button as shown below:-
Step 6 :- Now press New Connection as shown below:-

Step 7 :- Now Write Server Name -->Select or enter database name as shown below:-
Step 8 :-Now Press Next Button-->Choose your Database objects -->select your table as shown below:-
Step 9 :- Now press Finish Button--> You will see all Data set properties --> press Next button .
Step 10 :- Now drag and drop your table's column into Row Groups and Values as shown below:-
Step 11 :- Now press Next Button-->Unchecked both check boxes as shown below:-
Step 12 :- Now press Next button --> Select report Styles as shown below -->press Finish -->Done.
Step 13 :-Now open Default.aspx Page--> press smart tag in Reportviewer control --> Choose Report1.rdlc file as shown below:- 
Step 14 :- Now run the application(press F5)-->You will see following output as shown below:-
Note :- Here you can download your reports in three files as given below 
  • Excel
  • PDF
  • Word
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