WCF Interview Questions and Answers Part 1

1.) What is WCF  in .NET ?                                                                                                            
  • WCF is known as windows Communication Foundation.
  • WCF is a set of .NET Technologies that is used for creation and consumption of data services in a website.
  • It helps the developers to build secure and reliable websites.
  • It provides a common runtime environment for the services.
2.) What are the advantages of WCF services in .NET ?                                                   
There are some advantages of WCF services.
  • It Provides common platform for building service oriented application .
  • It helps the developers to build secure and reliable websites
  • It provides a common runtime environment for the services.
  • It provides Interchangeability between services.
3.) Why does we use WCF services ?                                                                                    
  • It Provides common platform for building service oriented application .
  • It is very simple to build an application.
  • It provides good communication facilities between client and server.
4.) What are the different technologies used before WCF ?                                      
There are some technologies  used before WCF.
  • ASP.NET Web Services(.asmx file extension) 
  • Web services Enchancements (WSE)
  • .NET Remoting
  • Microsoft message Queuing(MSMQ) Protocol 
5.) What are the advantages of WCF over other technologies?                                   
  • WCF provides common-runtime environment for the services.but other technologies doesn't provide this this facilities.
  • It provides Interchangeability between services.
6.) What are problems with other technologies before WCF ?                                    
There are some problems in other technologies (web service,WSE,Remoting and MSMQ) before WCF.
  • It is confusing for the developers to select these technology as each of them is used to perform a different task.
  • If you want to connect each protocols to each other then developers were faced problem.Because each technology offer different functionality.So developers have to Knowledge in all technologies. 
  • The WCF technology has solved this problems because it is using an unified programming models.
7.) What are the Architecture of WCF ?                                                                                  
The WCF architecture consists of various layers that help in developing distributed applications.
  • Contacts Layer
  • Services Runtime layer
  • Messaging Layer
  • Activation and Hosting layer
8.) What is Contracts in Real world ?                                                                                      
  • A contract is a sort of agreement between two or more parties specifying the supply of goods and services.
  • A contract contain the details, such as what task to be done and how it is to be done.
9.) What is Contracts in WCF ?                                                                                                 
  • A WCF Contract layer performs the same functionality as we perform in our real world (real life) and also contains very similar information.
  • It is a binding between two machines that defines the terms and conditions for the message to be exchanged.
10.) What are the different Contracts layer in WCF ?                                                       
  • Data Contract
  • Message Contract
  • Service Contract
  • Policy and Binding
11.) What is data Contracts layer in WCF ?                                                                           
  • A data contract is a formal agreement made between a services and a client specifying the data that has to be exchanged between them.
  • It defines the parameters and data structures that are used by the services to interact with clients
  • It serializes and de-serializes data after mapping the common Language Runtime (CLR) types with xml schema definitions(XSDs).
12.) What is the name of programming model used by WCF technology?                
The WCF Technology is using Unified Programming Model.

13.) What is difference between Web Services and WCF Services ?                            
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14.) Which .NET Framework is more difficult to communicate between client and server ?
 It is .NET Framework 1.0.
15.) What is different tools used in WCF ?                                                                            
  • Svcutil.exe
  • FindPrivateKey.exe
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