WPF Interview questions and answers Part 5

1.) How many types of Documents are supported by WPF ?                                 
There are two types of documents supported by WPF.
  1. Fixed Format Documents :- This document present content irrespective of the screen size.
  2. Flow Format Documents:- This document is basically used to alter the contents to on the screen.
2.) What are the freezable objects in WPF ?                                                                         
A Freezable object is those objects which is unchangeable. The freezable objects are better and safer to shared between the threads.
3.) What is PRISM in WPF ?                                                                                                        
PRISM is a framework that is used for creating complex application for wpf ,silverlight and windows Phones.
4.) What is CustomControl WPF ?                                                                                            
Custom Control is basically used to expand the functions of existing controls.It contains a default layout in theme and code file.
5.) Why does we use CustomControl in WPF ?                                                                    
Custom control is the best way to make a control library.

6.) Which tool is used to sketech a mock of your in WPF applicatiion ?                   
SketchFlow tool
7.) What is namespace used in 3D apps in WPF ?                                                              
Using  System.Windows.Media.Medi3D
8.) What is the new Graphics features of WPF ?                                                                
There are some new graphics of wpf.
  • Entirely New Text Rendering stack
  • Layout Rounding
  • ClearTypeHint -Clear Type on IRIs
  • Animation Easing Functions
  • Pixel shader 3.0 support
  • cached composition
  • Visual Scrollable AreaClip
9.) What is WPF for Window 7 ?                                                                                                
It is used to develop rapid application on window 7 Innovations such as
  • Multi touch
  • Task Bar 
  • Ribbon
  • Common Dialogs
  • File Explorer presence and customization and more
 10.) What is WPF Task-bar Integration ?                                                                             
  • Thumbnails toolbars
  • Icon Overlays
  • Progress bars
  • Jump lists
 11.) What is tooling Improvements (VisualStudioDesigner & Blend3) in WPF  ?
There are some improvements in VisualStudioDesigner and Blend3 tool.
Visual Studio Designer :-
  • RAD data binding
  • Easier auto layout
  • Markup extension Intellisence
  • More property Easier
Blend3 :-
  • Improvements to XAML authoring and work flow
  • VSM
  • Behaviors
  • Transition animations
  • Prototyping tool
 12.) What is the features of XAML  ?                                                                                      
1.) [MS-WPFXV]
  • wpf's file format was published [MS-WPFXV] WPF XAML vocabulary.
2.) .NET 4 has XAML Parser
  • It is faster.
  • It has more extensibility during XAML DURING xaml Reader.Load and Xaml.save BAML file format has public APIs to Read/Write.
3.) .NET 4 'S xaml Parse has new XAML language features
  • It is suitability to use generics.
  • It is better preferences by name.
 13.) What is the layout models of XAML  ?                                                                           
  1. Canvas :- It is a specific placement.
  2. StackPanel :- It is a specific placement or vertical stacking.
  3. DockPanel :- It is control Docking (Explorer like)
  4. Grid :- It is a Guideline based UI.
  5. TextFlow :-It is a Document flow.
  6. Navigation :- It is web like forward/like.
14.) Is MDI Supported in WPF  ?                                                                                               
15.) How many types of Drawing objects are used in WPF ?                                          
There are four types of Drawing objects.
  1. Geometry Drawing ->  Draws a shape
  2. Image Drawing ->Draws an image
  3. GlyphRun Drawing->Draws Text
  4. Drawing Group-> Draws other drawings
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