WCF Interview Questions and Answers Part 5

1.) What are the main transport layer protocols used in wcf ?                                   
  • HTTP
  • HTTPs
  • TCP
  • Named pipes
2.) What is one main difference between HTTP and TCP protocol in wcf ?           
HTTP is connectionless protocol while TCP is connection -based protocol.
3.) What is the task of  TCP protocol in wcf ?                                                                      
  • TCP notifying the sender about packet delivery.
  • TCP Guaranteeing that order in which the packets are delivered is the same as they are sent.
  • It ensuring the non -duplication of packets.
  • It retransmitting lost or undelivered packets.
4.) Where can you use named pipes protocol in wcf  Application?                              
Named pipes protocol is used when communication is required between wcf applications on the same machine and you do not want to communicate with another machine.

5.) What are different servers used to deploy the wcf  services?                                  
There are following various servers used to host wcf services as given below:- 

  • WIndows NT Services
  • Windows Forms
  • Console applications
  • IIS 
  • Activation Services(WAS)
6.) What is the best hosting of wcf services?                                                                         
IIS server is an excellent base for hosting services due to its scalability reliability and security.
7.) Does wcf supports Ajax and JSON data format ?                                                          
Yes,WCF supports ASP.NET ajax and JSON data format.
8.) What is the use of Ajax and JSON in wcf application?                                               
ASP.NET Ajax and JSON allows wcf services to expose operations to AJAX Client .JSON is an effective data format used to quickly exchange Small amount of data between the Ajax enabled web services and their clients. 
9.) Which Microsoft Ajax Library does contain proxy classes ?                                    
Sys.Net.WebServiceProxy Class is used for ajax Integration and JSON support in WCF
10.) What is the Enhanced features of WCF in visual studio 2010 ?                           
There are following new features introduces in visual studio 2010 as given below:-
  • It support more configuration based activity.
  • It support System.Web.Routing Integration .
  • It support multiple IIS site bindings .
  • It provide Routing Support.
  • It provide WS discovery support.
11.) What is the various types of communication pattern used by the wcf client  to communicate with the services ?
  • One-way :-It communicates in a single direction that flows from a client to services without any reply from the service.The client has no ides about the success or failure of the message.
  • Request-Reply:-When a client sends a message to a service,It awaits for the response from the services.The client can not make further execution until it receives the reply from the services.
  • Duplex:- In this communication ,server and client can communicate bidirectional without any waiting.
  • Asynchronous :- This type of communication pattern in which application pattern in which applications can continue processing other tasks after calling a method asynchronously.In this client sends a request to a server and starts another process without waiting for the response of that request.
12.) What are the different tools used in wcf  ?                                                                    
  • Svcutil.exe
  • FindPrivateKey.exe
  • ServiceModelReg.exe
  • ComSvcConfig.exe
  • SvcConfigEditor.exe
  • SvcTraceViewer.exe
  • WsatConfig.exe
  • MMC Snap-in
  • WFServicesReg.exe
  • WcfSvcHost.exe
  • WcfTestClent.exe
13.) What is WCF data Service Explain  ?                                                                              
WCF data services is a Microsoft technology used to create and consume data services,which makes it easy o separate the presentation layer from the data layers while working with them.This service provide facilities to query the data in the address bar of a web browser.data services are integrated with web and enable you to add a query string in the address bar of a web browser to retrieve data.To make it easier to work with Data services ,Microsoft integrated the concept of WCF Data service with visual studio 2010 and .NET Framework 4.0.
14.) What are the Advantages of WCF Data service  ?                                                       
The advantage of WCF Data services are as follows:-
  • You can create and access the data services not only the Internet but also the intranet.
  •  It supports Entity -relationship conventions to use Entity data model (EDM).
  • It includes different client libraries such as .NET Framework client applications and silverlight applications.
  • It helps to update the resources.
15.) What is the full form of URL ,URI and URN  ?                                                       
URL -->Uniform Resource Locator
URI -->Uniform Resource Identifier 
URN -->Uniform Resource Name

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