How to draw different charts graphs using the chart control on website

Hi Friend, Today,we will learn "how to display the database records on chart control".This chart includes different type of charts as pie,line,bar ,area etc.Here you can display your database records in different charts (pie,line,bar ,area etc).You can choose your chart type ,in which you want draw your graph.I have already displayed the records in different charts using Ajax Technology.You can learn it by following links as given below:-
There are some steps to implement this whole concepts as given below:-
Step 1:-First create a table(Goods Details) in your sql database and insert some values also as show below:-

Step 2:-Now open your visual studio--> Create a ASP.NET Empty Website-->Open toolbox --> drag and drop Chart control on default.aspx page as shown below:-

Configure the Sql data source connection:-
Step 3:-Now open the arrow on the top --> Select the <New Data Source> as shown below:-
Step 4:-Now Choose Database file--> press OK as shown below:-

Step 5:- Now choose New Connection... -->Write your Sql Server Name-->Now press Test connection--> Press OK Button(if it's success) as shown below:-

Step 6:- Now Press Next Button as shown below:-

Step 7:- Now again, Press Next Button as shown below:-

Step 8:- Now checked the specify columns from a table or view first-->after that select Your table name(Goods Details) --> Press Next Button as shown below:-

Step 9:- Now press Test Query Button ,you will see whole records --> Press Finish --> Done the Connection Configurations

Step 10:- Now choose X and Y axis values for Your Chart as shown below:-

Step 11:- Now You can choose your Chart Type (line,pie,bubble,bar ,etc.)from the drop down list as shown below:-

Step 12:- Now Run the Application(press F5)--> you will see following output as shown below:-

Note :- Similarly,you can choose different chart type and draw the output graph as shown below.

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