Overview of C#

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C# Program:- The best way to learn any language is to write a simple program and execute them.With the help of program we can easily analyze and understand how this works.C# codes are given below:

class student
        static void Main()
            System.Console.WriteLine("Students are future of any country");
           /* System.Console.WriteLine("Hello student");*/
           // System.Console.WriteLine("Hello Employee"); 
Description:-There are some descriptions of programs which is given below:

Basic Elements are Used For Compiling the C# Code

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CLR (Common Language Runtime):-

The Common Language Run time,Popularly Known as CLR. It is the heart and soul of the.net Framework .CLR is run time environment in which programs written in C# and other .net language are executed. It manage the .net application while running.It also supports cross-language interoperability.
CLR provides different functionality for the applications.


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C# is new a new computer programming language developed by Microsoft corporation in 2000.
C# has been designed to support the key feature of the .net framework.
C# is designed for building robust reliable and durable components to handle the real world applications.
C# is expected to play a major role in developing applications an co-operating networks of website.
C# is an object-oriented programming language like Java.

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A large number of computer language starting from FORTRAN developed in 1957 to the object-oriented language Java introduced in 1995 which are being used for various applications.
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