Basic Elements are Used For Compiling the C# Code


CLR (Common Language Runtime):-

The Common Language Run time,Popularly Known as CLR. It is the heart and soul of Framework .CLR is run time environment in which programs written in C# and other .net language are executed. It manage the .net application while running.It also supports cross-language interoperability.
CLR provides different functionality for the applications.

BCL (Base Class Library):-
BCL is a collection of predefined classes and Namespaces.The top most name space is "SYSTEM" and the top most class is "OBJECT".

CTS (Common Type System):-

The .net Framework provides multiple language support using the feature known as Common Type System that is built into the CLR . CTS provides common data type for all the language.

CLS (Common Language Specification):-

CLS is a set of rules which must be followed by all the language compiler that we want to use on .net platform. The CLS is a subset of CTS and therefore the language supporting the CLS can use each other.

MSIL (Microsoft Intermediate Language):-

If any c# code is compile through CSC compiler then it generate the MSIL code or IL code which is known as Microsoft Intermediate Language(MSIL). It is also known as assembly code and meta data.

JIT (Just In Time) Compiler:-

JIT compiler is used for compiling the MSIL code to the Native code. Native code is known as machine language code,which is executed at any that we can say it is platform independent like java.

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