How to buy and sell Your own Projects Through MNT Platform Easily

 MY.NET Tutorials (MNT) has been launched new features. All students who are doing professional degrees(MCA, B.Tech.,MSC,,BCA,,Bsc. etc)  or have done the courses , can participate in this program.Here each students can buy or sell your projects on this platform easily. We will provide full support for your project promotion . We will display each projects on this page after complete verification.You can only sell your own projects on this platform, not your friends or others. Because you will have to provide full support to your clients (A student who will buy  your projects) from this platform. You can set your projects price yourself but we can change it ,if it needed. 

How to sell Projects ?:-
You can Sell Your project through this Form.Go Here
  1. A Student Can easily send your project report + a text file (complete student's details with mobile Number) at
  2. If Any student (user) want to buy your project then we will contact you on the basis of your text file's details for payment and others communication process.
  3. You can contact us at +919450993217 (Whatsapp)
Note:- Your text file must be contained the following information as given below:-
  • Full Name
  • Project Name + Project descriptions(at-least 200 words)
  • Mobile Number
How to Buy Projects ?:-

You can Buy Your project through this Form.Go Here
  • A student who want to buy any project from below lists, can contact at .
  • We will send whole project + reports + text file details after completion of the payment process.
  • A buyer can easily contact the project owner from this text file's  details and can take help to solve your project problems, if any.
  • A buyer(User) can complain through contact me form if any project owner does not give any response in 72 hours.
  • We will solve your project problem with the help of project's owner within 48 hours.if any.
  • You can contact us at +919450993217 (Whatsapp)
What are the benefits ? :-
  • A student can sent your project from your home and get the money in your account on the behalf of your project.
  • This is completely free service.
  • A student can earn money for long time from here.
Terms and conditions:-
  • Each seller students can send  your own projects ( involved in that project team).Otherwise we will remove it, from the lists after the verification. 
  • Each seller can earn money long time from this platform,if they will provide full supports to your buyers whatever they can do.
  • Each seller student will have to solve the problem of buyer student.Otherwise we will remove the project from the lists.
  • We will publish each student name with project details, So You(seller) have to provide correct details(Name + projects description in text file) .otherwise we will unable to publish it.
  • If you complete the payment process then it will not refundable , So please buy the project after see the complete functionality.
Note:- You can submit any language projects such as .NET ,C ,C++ ,PHP, JAVA, JAVA SCRIPTS, PERLS, PYTHON,NETWORKING etc.

You  can choose your projects from the below lists as given below:- Use Internet Explorer or Firefox Browser for best view.

S.N. Project Descriptions Student Technology Price
1. E-Post System Registration,login,payment gateway,email services Sachin .NET $00
2. Operating System Simulator Algorithms,memory allocation,paging,segmentation,Process scheduling etc. Sujeet kumar jaiswal JAVA $10
3. Customer Care Management System (E-Care) Provide product Info,Customer Supports,Clients problems Solutions Vishal Kumar JAVA $12
4. Village Development Monitoring AgencyA group of volunteers can communicate and access information about a village or town development.Primary education, people’s health, government policies awareness and availability of basic facilities/infrastructure ,etc. Ajeet Kumar JAVA $8
5. Multitasking Unix Shell in Linux Designed shell and implemented Some Commands.1.) External commands (ls,chmod,cp,mv,cat,mkdir etc.). 2.) Internal commands (echo,kill,exit,pwd,help,hinfo etc.) Ramashanker Verma C Language $17
6. Steganography Tool This project is developed for hiding information in any image file Prabha Singh .NET $8
7. Human Resource Management System (HRMS) Admin ,Employee,Applicant login and others etc. Neha Singh .NET $8
8. Airline Reservation Software The main aim of this project is to develop software which would facilitate the reservation of airline tickets for passengers intending to travel in airwaysRohit JAVA $10
9. Central Library Management System Management of Libraries books(stocks) Saurabh Verma VB .NET $8
10. Business Consultancy Users registration,Profile management,Add new subjects and posts,Administrators will have control over the postings and replies.,Chat facility,E-Mail Facility,Admin can add new consultancy,Users can search consultancy,Make online appointments FEATURES OF THE PROJECT etc.Dinesh kumar .NET$8
11. IMAGE SCRAMBLING USING M-SEQUENCE GENERATORImage Scrambling Using M-Sequence Generator is a desktop application for providing security to the images from getting into the hands of unauthorized users.A Secure transmission from sender to authentic user etc.Akash kumar Patel JAVA$15
12. E-Learning System A project regarding E-Learning System where the student can watch video, download notes, along with backup and recovery features Mohammed Zubair .NET/C# $15
13. This is completely built on Nodejs platform with database.You can easily customize it according to your requirements. Pushkar Yadav Node Js $40
14.Patient Health Monitoring Over IoTIoT-related healthcare systems today are based on essential definition of IoT as network of devices that connects directly with each other to capture and share the vital data through the secure service layer (SSL) that connects to a central command and controls the server in cloudM.VENKAT NAIDUC/PYTHON $16
15.Matrimonial Project The main aim of the Matrimonial Project in ASP.Net & SQL is to provide a relation between marriage Agents and Profile looking usersSURAJ S.PALSAMKARASP.Net,Ajax $-12
16.Online Library Management System (LiMS)This project is aimed at developing an online Library Management System (LiMS) for the college library. This is an Intranet based application that can be accessed throughout the campus. This system can be used to search for books/magazines, reserve books, find out who is having a particular book, put in requests to buy a new book etcIrshad P MAsp.Net, C# $75
17.Resume Builder ApplicationDevelop an Intranet Application for Winner Technologies Ltd. for automating the process of Resume Writing. This would be facilitating the employees to make and print their resumes in a proper format. In addition, it will be facilitating the higher management to search the employees depending upon their skills sets and other attributes.
Irshad P M Asp.Net,C# $75
18.Multiplex Management SystemThis Project Is Completely Made on the Requirements Of the Mulitplex (Theatre) Owner.Upendra .net,msacess and crystal report $13
19.DreamJobs(Job Portal)A job portal is a website dedicated for online information about recruiters as well as job Seekers.A job portal helps both the job seekers and recruiters finding the right organization for the employees. In the case of job seekers, according to their educational qualification, experience and their Preferences, the job portal shows the list of companies to the job seeker. And to the recruiters, provides the suitable candidates from a pool of lacks.So, a job portal is the perfect online arena, where both the job seekers and the employers find their Goal in the pursuit of getting a top notch company for the suitable candidates.Pankaj Sharma.NET $15
20.Online ShoppingIn this project we have admin module,Login section and Registration section where according to us admin can edit update and delete the product.Admin has all rights to do to crud on all application
user can purchase any of the item that are listed in the Product table and after ordering the product user can track the product status.
we provide the common design using the master page.
Mudit.Net/C# $15 applicationsmall child easily to study and fun enjoyment of my projectrathod vishvarajsing android studio $16
22.Property.comIt's a PHP project with JavaScript used for validation.In this project we will show all our property and all its information.It can be extended to show web projects .Pallavi saxenaPHP $10
23.Windows 10 Calculator (Web)Windows 10 Calculator (Web Calculator) using ASP.Net.Sandeep.NET $8
24.Billing software and Restaurant Management system with billing systemBilling Management,Staff Management ,Staff Attendance Management,Stock Management,Selling,Purchase,ReportArvindC# $15
25.Meenaz FileCase This is a web-based case management system for managing legal cases in law office. It is used to store different case details.Add a case , searching a case, and also HR module to add employees,,etcMariyamPHP/ MYSQL/ HTML $10
26.Yo BankThis is a mobile banking app that enables you to carryout transactions with your bank. It uses ussdKrista MutyabaJava & Android $10-
27.Twitter Sentimental analysis and application to name entity recognitionTwitter Sentimental analysis and application to name entity reorganization
Project description The product will give a detailed analysis of the reviews or opinions under study or twitter dataset. It will break the text sentences into words, and then compare those words to the words contained in the slang.txt file and replaces them with their full forms when a match is found, then apply stopword removal to eliminate the unwanted words and keep only the required or the opinion words. Once this will be achieved , the next step will be to classify them using maximum entropy principle, and finally assign them weight and calculate the overall score of the data set as either positive or negative or neutral. The user can enter the text or import twitter dataset for the opinion mining. The input text will then be analyzed and given a sentiment score, which will be further distinguished
into whether the input was positive, negative or neutral. For twitter dataset it will give a count of how many tweets were positive, negative or neutral., and then the overall estimation of the document is made after clicking on (calculate total sentiment score); this will provide polarity of the documents in all three forms with their corresponding magnitudes.
Abhishek Jain JAVA,HADOOP $10
28.FM Management This is and Fm/Radio station management software system that is one of the Fm related software’s used to keep track of what time to what and which ads are to be played in between. The system is used to keep track of all the shows and the task timeline for the entire day. The system shows this notification as soon a task is completed and reminds the user about which show is scheduled next.soundhiraraj.NET $15-
29.yourzon - Store Management Inventory SoftwareYoutube link :
Features:-Purchase details -item purchase,payments,returns.Sales- category wise item selection,display stock when item selected.
Sales- Billing- Generate receipts with tax and discount calculation . ready for print.Stock Details .-Software will Manage stock , if required you can manage stock.Print daily sales cash, credit ,receipts, current stock,item consumption.Supplier wise,item wise ,date wise reports Easy to Operate : Support Document will Guide step by step all process.Support : support provided by phone.
navneetvb 6,ms access $15-
30.Vaccination Alert SystemThe main aim for this project is to sending vaccination alert to parents $15
31.ADVANCED DRIVER ASSISTANT SYSTEMIts a advance driver awareness based project its special features is detect the alcohol taken by the driver engine can automatically shut down and we can include more features like ultrasonic sensor for detect the obstacles near by our. Vehicles and distance also displayed and the special sensor included in EYE BLINK sensor if the driver can sleep this sensor can alert the driver through the alarm and one more sensor included namely vibration sensor if any part of the vehicle can damaged this. Vibration sensor gives a alert its a advanced project and we will provide a entire project description,ppt,and report interested can call me and also I am not a businessman I am student it is not useful to me because I am going to abroad for job so I will sell this project santhoshembedded.c using keil software $10
32.ATMTSS Bank ATM. An excellent project for demonstration in degree labELDhruva Kumar VVB6, MS Access $12
33.Institute management SystemIMS(Institute management System) use and manage your all type systemRupeshjava $10-
34.Online book storeIt is a online book store where we can buy different categories of books online..every features is there as per college student projects Deepa.NET $12-
35.Iot based occupancy monitoring technique for energy efficient smart buildingsIt is used to detect human entering n exit through sensors and on and off fans lights.It is also used to detect smoke n according to on water motor to cool the room chinnichinnaEmbedded project $10
36.Diamond Purchase & Sales Projecti have a project regarding for Diamond Industry. it have a purchase & Sales Modules. It is with CRM. data will export to excel. send Email.everything's which people want to learn.Rajeshavyas .NET $10
37.Library Automation SystemLibrary automation system is a web based application in which the whole records of the books in the library would be managing the details about different students which have received the books would be kept. The students would be able to know the books availability status on the basis of proper login which would be provided to them. The management would be able to know the whole library status on a single click and customized reports would be generated.ARUN KUMARJava $12
38.Online Exam SystemThe System has been primarily developed for the sake of conducting of “ENTRANCE SERIES SYSTEM”.The System is completely controlled and used by Administrator and Candidates.The System is capable of handling different examinations The System simplifies and automates the process of assessment.The System simplifies and automates randomized production of Question sets.The Administrator is allowed to enter the questions in question bank according to requirement of different exams.The personal information of the candidates is stored at the server site.This information is available for reference to administrator and user at any point of time. mukesh kumarjava,ms-access $12 Event organizing managementn this project a customer easily organize there event through this website he can book the event hall and event crew. This is by customer end.
Admin can able to handle the crew and payment and also sell the event tickets which is selling by the customer through online.
mohammed muslim and SQL server R2 $15
40.event managementits just a event management application like wedding,party etc.varsha dangi.NET $12
41.Tsecure(TEXT DATA SECURITY SYSTEM)A WINDOW APPLICATION SOLUTION THAT ENABLES USER TO ENCRYPT OR DECRYPT TEXT FILES USING DIFFERENT CRYPTOGRAPHIC TECHNIQUES.SOLUTION WILL BE LOADED WITH ASSOCIATED THIRD PARTY TOOLS. THESE TOOLS ENHANCE THE EASE OF ACCESS OF USERS, AND PROVIDE THEM AN EASY TO USE AND FEASIBLE WORKING ENVIRONMENT.THE DIFFERENT CRYPTOGRAPHIC TECHNIQUES USED BY THE SOLUTION ARE APPLICABLE IN DIFFERENT TYPES OF USER DEMANDS AND WORKING ENVIRONMENTS, SOLUTION WILL TAKE CARE OF ALL THE FLEXIBILITIES OF DIFFERENT WORKING ENVIRONMENTS AND USER DEMANDS.The Product in Your Hand Is the Windows NT™ Operating System Based Application. It Is A 32 Bit(X 86)OR X64 64 Bit Architecture That Provides You An Easy Way To Access All The Features Embedded Inside.TSECURE Enables You To Secure Your Text Files By Using Different Cryptography Techniques. TSECURE Quickly and Powerfully Encrypt and Decrypt Your Text Files. TSECURE User No Of Schemes To Encrypt The Text Data, These Schemes Are Discussed Further In Help Section Of This Documentation.TSECURE Also Provides Tools To That Lets You To Easy Formatting of Rich Text Files. For Further Details of This Product’s Tools and Features Please Refers to Help Section of the Documentation.
abhishek kumarVB.NET $25
42.Simple Struts 2 Project with the Help of Tiles FrameworkIt is a Simple Struts 2 Project for user for generating the simple user name and getting the password with the help of Tiles Framework.It is one of the Simple Login Application.We were used tiles which is Apache Template Framework for simplify the Web Applications for Interfaces.Tiles Allows you to define page fragments which can be assembled into a complete page at Run time environment. Ashish Singh ChauhanJava,Struts 2 $12
43.Bank FormThis is a bank form can use it in school,college etc.junaid khanHTML $8- Record Management SystemThis research work intends to Design and Implement a Hospital Record Management System for Hospitals. The hospital management system will be capable of supporting any number of staff of the hospital and each module of the package runs independently without affecting other modules. This means that all departments of the hospital work independently.
The target users of the system are doctors, nurses and the admin in the hospital. This project is mainly emphasized on developing a system from storing electronic patient record. It also includes some other functions that can help the target users to improve their performance. Hospital record management system is a database system of the proposed system. It keeps the patient information and their medical record including the patient medical history, previous diagnosis records and previous treatment records.
DanielJAVA $15-
45.PETS PAL MANAGEMENT SYSTEMhis project is about Pets inventory system..Like we are maintaining the inventory for Cats,Dogs,Fish etc along with different category with prices..The user can add them and pay them accordingly...Abdul Momin Tasleem AnsariASP.NET,C#,SQL SERVER $12
46..Online Shopping SytemIts a like online shopping website and have more features on itvigneshPHP,Mysql $10
47.Computer assets all information storage system I have created project Computer assets all information storage system using as well as also. There are store all your computer information like RAM,ROM,CD/DVD,internal storage ,connected devices, cpu company storage memory, mouse company,etc. Same as printer informations also. There have one form to enter particular asset information for storing permanently into your database.padmawati dhayagude..NET $14
48.SameSet(Social networking)This is generally a social networking web application in which user can find a people who have the same interest like him/her and chat with each other this a fully dynamic web app and rich user experience the one of the major feature is that if user want to chat with any stranger securely than he will open secure chat interface in which the chat will automatically deleted if any of the user leave the chat. Rahulc#,js,.net $18
49.Inventory ManagementThis is generally a social networking web application in which user can find a people who have the same interest like him/her and chat with each other this a fully dynamic web app and rich user experience the one of the major feature is that if user want to chat with any stranger securely than he will open secure chat interface in which the chat will automatically deleted if any of the user leave the chat.Hema kumari.NET $12
50.Internet BankingAn Internet Banking which is use for Digital Transaction in our Digital WorldKishan.NET $10 social activityIn this paper we propose I-social activity, the main reason for make this project, people should got more awareness for social activities and responsibility to solve their facing day to day problems like street light issue, road damage issue, water connection issue, rain water issue and more. I-social activity project is more user friendly for our clients to raise their issue. In this project we innovative the new concept called map viewing so our user can easily mention the accurate spot for solving their issue as soon as possible, then this concept is very useful for higher official to finding the right place to take a right action about that particular user issue. Then the additional advantages in this project we can upload the photos files and videos for mention the right place to solve the customer problems quickly.
sandyJAVA $10
52.3 Way DumperIts a Mechanical+Electronics project.Conventional dumping vehicles can dump its content in only one direction. But 3 way dumper can dump its content in 3 direction viz. back, right and uese motors and arduino for its working.Prashant GujarathiArduino $12
53.Student result portalThat project is developed using html,css and phpNabeel IqbalPHP $10
54.stock inventory systemits a stock inventory system there you can add, update, view, search, delete, plus, minus, and set the total of your products salmanc# windowform, sql server $12
55.Date Couriers This project report deals with establishing courier network across Mumbai for all pincodes. This project report will help you in understanding the scope and profitability of this business.Prajakta DateNA $10
56.Blood donation This is the project where we have login form registration form for blood donation. Whoever wants to donate blood the record will be stored in the form of database Shanti minduru Php $12
57.Online Shopping siteSimple Online shopping site with customer, employee, admin page and sellerChandru VPHP $5
58.Online Food Ordering Web Application It is Online Food Ordering Project for Projects in Colleges.It also includes databases. It runs on Wamp server in localhost.AMAN KUMAR SINGHPHP,MYSQL $10
59.Blood bank management systemTo manage the work of blood bank computerizedManaliVb6.0, ms access $10
60.Template RestaurantA theme or maybe it's template Static whitout database just files html css js Muhammed Gamgamicss,html,css3 $5-
61.Hospital management systemThis project is totally on hospital management system it consists of forms such patient registration, billing etc with a good interface and security..Akash kumarVisual basic 6.0 Ms Office $10
62.School WebsiteIn project there is a login section and attendance mantinance and photo gallerySanjay YadavHTML,CSS $5
63.Call BlockerThe Application blocks the selected phone numbers and message. You can also block the calls manually. RupaliAndroid $12
64.LitappThis project has admin panel, website and IOS application.This project is related online parties and function booking system.i can explain you in detail on call but my Rate is fixed.jigar bhattRuby on Rails and IOS $
65.Event OrganisationSignup,login,login with facebook,home with proper animation,animations at different places,ask for demoyamrajCjava,mysql $12
66.Career conflict between parents and childrenThis project provides guidelines to the parents on way to rectify conflict between them and their children for peaceful home and prevention broken homes.Mahmud JibrilJava $10
67.Mobile zoneIn this project, user can purchase mobile and also number of the person can use different products at same time.This project is a multi-user system. This project maintain data of customer and it's purchase details of products.This project is prepared in order to give all the information of mobiles. This project also contains the data storage like customer information, product information etc.Yusuf VoraASP.NET WITH C# $10
68.arm protection and crop cutting using multifunctional robot (smart agriculture system)projects is based on the smart agriculture system.Two projects are1) Farm protection(which is the best project ever not like before)2)crop cutting using multifunctional robot(cutting crop,sprinkling pesticide,soil moisturing sensor)and the main thing is cheaper rate compare to other techniques and more economical to environment.
IEEE research paper can be made for farm protection it is left to made so u can make research paper on it, our reason was lack of money so we cannot implement it.but the project and all material readymade reports, designs all available
Twinkle TiwariC $15
69.Online shop The project contains fully functional e-commerce system with functional cart system. The system contains dashboard of admin and users also. The project is fully dynamic and function.Bhavesh HariyaniPHP,MYSQL $10
70.Tours and Travels The project is related to tours and travels for whole project you can visit the website -
Bhavesh hariyaniPHP,MYSQL $10
71.Restaurant Menu ,ordering items ,billing,payment..Neela Danagal.NET $10 notes galleryCollege Notes Gallery is a web based notes sharing and management system which helps students and teachers to share their notes online effectively. It reduces the wasting of time in manually distributing notes to each individual. It greatly overcomes the lack of availability and converts the manual old school paperwork to a fully automated and managed online systemAnirban DuttaPHP $10
73.Anirban DuttaProject Management System is manage project like Tracking/Status of the task. Manager automatic resources and time for mechanical task. The Project information given by the user for example, Make a Design of pages.
Web application that supports top level manager and HR manager to manage projects and employee together. This application is only application to IT software development firm. There are multiple projects at a time in company and each project is divided into many milestones and milestones are divided into task.
anjanaPHP-MYSQL $10
74.Online grocery storeONLINE GROCERY STORE The objective of this project is to develop an online portal for the bazaars of Bangalore through which customers can do grocery shopping while surfing on computer at home or office. Customer can ask for his product and the product would be delivered at home. This will save customers time and money both. Sellers will be also benefited because of this automated system. Some of the features that it can include in this online art gallery system are: The script specially designed to sell grocery items through online. Using this site the customer can purchase items without registration and with registration. The customer can view the purchase report, item order reports, etc. The website has option to give offline payment gateway, Credit card or debit card payment local system, Cash on Delivery payment system. The administrator can offer reward points to their customers for each products they purchase. Administrator can set shipping charges and minimum charges of shipping.VikkirajPHP,MYSQL $12
75.Android applicationThis project is an Android Application which is backed up by firebase .
This project establishes communication mechanism between Government Employee and Citizens.This project has following modules -Registration and login for Government employees and citizens , Mail authentications , One to many chat application , Grid view lists of Government departments and details of every Government official , Area-wise push notification mechanisms , Topic messaging .
Mahanthi Prudhvi TejJAVA $10
76.Online Blood Bank SystemThis project “ONLINE MUHAMMADI BLOOD SYSTEM SKARDU” is developed for Muhammadi Blood Bank Skardu. The main purpose of this project is to automate blood bank system, so that receiver can receive blood at right time. Through this project the blood donors can register and the blood receivers can send request for required blood. Blood donors and blood receivers can contact each other through this proposed system. Then blood donor can donate blood to the blood receiver. After that blood stock will be managed. Blood donors also can see their test reports. Thus, this proposed project is the best project for Muhammadi Blood Bank Skardu.HASHIMPHP $12
77.Smartphone controlled wireless robotic armWireless robotic arm is an embedded project. It uses arduino board, servo motor and few other components. Its a very good project for beginners. Modification can be easily done by user. It has very great and flexible designSandeep kumarEmbedded C $10
78.Employee attendance managementUsing Employee attendance management project employees login using their credentials and mark their attendance..after marking their attendance timer starts and it displayed on screen.. employees can check their daily attendance.. employees can apply for leave...admin has all rights to check and modify/mark employees attendance.admin user approves/reject leave requests of employee..only admin can add new employee into the database n creates their user credentialsvarsha pawar.NET $10
78.Coaching Class Management SystemCoaching Institute management software is a complete solution for managing an administration. In other words an enhanced tool that assists in organizing the day-to-day activities of the coaching institutes.Coaching institute management system centralizes institute by providing features to its Administration,
Students, Staffs. The attendance review shows all students,staffs absent today and students absent for the current marking period, select students and parents for SMS communications, click on student's name to see demographic information to message parents, detail level absenteeism. Administrator can keep eye on the regular money transactions and institute fees collection program can be customized according to institute rules. Data in the systems can be analysed, graphed and reported in the format of user's choice. Administrators are provided with a full control over this software. Administration can send announcements of the events to all users in the institute. Students are provided with user ids and password. Staff and teachers can access their full details regarding marks, fees, examination results. Also graphical representation of students marks in tests to keep a track of students performance.
This system provides a simple interface for the maintenance of student and staff information. It can be used by educational institutes to maintain the records of students easily. Achieving this goals is difficult using a manual system as the information is redundant
,can be scattered and collecting relevant information may be very time consuming.
yogesh kjava swing,sql $12
79.Mumbai Blood BankMumbai Blood Bank is Developed in .Net Technology in Asp .Net With SQLServer Database.
this Project Contain all the data managing system of Blood Banks over Maharashtra, Donor details, Appointment And Many More Function.
Which is conclusion of all the online Blood Bank website.I tried to gather all the function at one place.
Kumesh Kumar.Net $-12
80.Methematical problem solving sysytemMumbai Blood Bank is Developed in .Net Technology in Asp .Net With SQLServer Database.
this Project Contain all the data managing system of Blood Banks over Maharashtra, Donor details, Appointment And Many More Function.
Which is conclusion of all the online Blood Bank website.I tried to gather all the function at one place.
Pradeep niwal.Net $-12
81.Online bloodbank management systemOnline blood bank management system allows to register donor to donate blood after login the user can add blood groups, print the user list , add new donor can sell the blood to person and make payment process and print the billSiddhiPHP,MYSQL $12
82.School Mangement SysytemProject is about school mangment System it conatn The the Stuendnt Rcord .Course Offerd .And finaly Scors of each student in there selected curse.
sajid aliJAVA $10 Shopping SystemOnline Shopping system is a form of electronic commerce which allows consumers to directly buy goods or services from a seller over the Internet using a web browser. Consumers find a product of interest by visiting the website of the retailer directly or by searching among alternative vendors using a shopping search engine, which displays the same product’s availability and pricing at different e-retailers. As of 2016, customers can shop online using a range of different computers and devices, including desktop computers, laptops, tablet computers and smart phones. An online shop evokes the physical analogy of buying products or services at a regular “bricks-and-mortar” retailer or shopping center; the process is called business to-consumer (B2C) online shopping. When an online store is set up to enable businesses to buy from another businesses, the process is called business-to-business (B2B) online shopping. A typical online store enables the customer to browse the firm’s range of products and services, view photos or images of the products, along with information about the product specifications, features and prices. Online stores typically enable shoppers to use “search” features to find specific models, brands or items. Online customers must have access to the Internet and a valid method of payment in order to complete a transaction, such as a credit card, an Interac-enabled debit card, or a service such as PayPal. For physical products (e.g., paperback books or clothes), the e-tailer ships the products to the customer; for digital products, such as digital audio files of songs or software, the e-tailer typically sends the file to the customer over the Internet. The largest of these online retailing corporations are Alibaba,, and eBay.
this project is preferable for BCA,MCA,B.Sc IT final year students./td>
Madhurjya DekaPHP MYSQL $15
84.Online bloodbank management system/td>This projects helps to register new donor to donate blood and after login admin can add new blood groups , donor and sell blood and make payment process and can print the bill
Even user can search the donors by city or blood groups
SiddhiPHP, Mysql $12
85.Coming soonComing soonComing soonComing soon $-
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