MNT Services

MNT Provides following Online + Offline Services to our Students. A Student can choose any of them.You can Apply from here
You can contact us at +919450993217 , +918009183147 
1.) General services
  • Online Troubleshooting the Application
  • Blogging
  • SEO
  • Web Hosting (Domain+Server)
2.) .NET Services (6 Month)
  • C# Language (Basics +Advance Parts) (6 weak)
  • ASP.NET (Basics+Advance) (2 Month)
  • ADO.NET                                 (6 weak)
  • SQL Server                              (6 weak) 
  • Ajax,Linq,HTML,XML           (6 weak)
  • WPF,Silver Light                    (2 Month)
  • MVC Services                         (7 weak)
3.) Other Languages (4 month)
  • C language      (2 month)
  • C++ language  (2 month)
  • Java scripts     (2 month)
4.) Security(7 month)
  • Python (Basics+object oriented concepts) (2 month)
  • Linux Administration (Ubuntu ,Fedora)    (3 month)
  • Networking                                                     (3 month)
5.) Projects
  • Real Time Projects      (3 month)
6.) Interviews Topics For Job Seekers (2 Month)
  • .NET   
  • C
  • C++
  • Aptitude
  • Reasoning
  • English
You can Apply here..
  • This course duration may be changed according to the students requirements.
  •  A student who hate the Programming language,Please give me one chance .You will love the programming Definetly. You will never face any type of problem in programming language in your life.I will relate each topics with your real life examples. 
  • This all services are available for individual person(student) only.
  • A student can learn his topics online on his computer.
  • There is one condition to all students .Your Internet connectivity should be high (3 G,4 G etc.).
  • This service is not free of cost,You have to pay for that. 


  1. How does this work? Do you pay anything for this because I am really keen to learn some of the services and languages here. Please help me with necessary directions to gain this tutorship/lecturing.

    1. Hi LAZOLA BOOl ,
      This services are not free of cost,You will have to pay for this on the basis of your topics whatever you have chosen. There are some procedures for attend this online class:-
      1.) First fill up a form and choose your topics as given in this page.
      2.) Then i will send the payment details and class time slots for your respective topics to your mail.
      3.) If you want to join this class in next month then you will have to register before 15 to 20 days.
      4.) You can give whole payment before when your first class will be started.
      5.) You can chose your course duration yourself ,I will complete your course within that time periods
      6.) I will send the complete course details after complete the registration part.
      Attention :- My all batches are full in this month so you can join in September month but you will have to complete the registration part in this month.
      If any problem, you can contact me through the contact form or


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