Ado and Ado.Net In .NET

It is data model which is used by .net application for doing data manipulation with database.Ado means Active Data Object.Before the Ado.Net there was 'Ado' used for connectivity and data manipulation with database.But There are some difference b/w Ado and Ado.Net:-

  • 'Ado'supports only connected architecture but Ado.Net support connected as well as disconnected architecture.
  • In 'Ado'we can not create constraint but in Ado.Net we can easily create constraints.
Connected Architecture:-

In connected architecture Application directly communicate with database so we need to 'OPEN' and 'CLOSE' the connection manually.
This diagram is helpful for understanding the connected architecture:-

Disconnected Architecture:-

In disconnected Architecture Application does not communicate with database but with Data Set, so to 'OPEN' and  'CLOSE' the connection  Data Adapter is responsible.We don't need it to manually.

This diagram is helpful for understanding the Disconnected architecture:-


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