Difference Between Asp and Asp.Net:

HTML provides only static web pages,means we can not write some functionality by using HTML. It is used just to design the web pages. To provide the dynamic functionality in web pages scripting language is used. Asp means active server page. Asp and Asp.Net technology are web based technology which can be used to developed web page application. Both the technologies are developed by Microsoft.

Difference between Asp and Asp.Net:-
  • Asp  program is interpreted but Asp.Net program is compiled.
  • In Asp we can used only scripting language to provide dynamic functionality but in Asp.Net we can use programming language to provide dynamic functionality.
  • In Asp there is only one file in form where every things related to design and business logic is specify.But in Asp.Net we have two file ,one is to specify the design code and second is to specify business logic code.
  • Asp  runs only Microsoft platforms but Asp.Net runs  Microsoft  platforms as well as Non Microsoft platforms also.CASSINI  is a simple web server produced by Microsoft which is used to host Asp.net Application.
  • Asp was very difficult for us debug the application because it is used interpreted model.But Asp.Net was easily for us to debug the application because it is used compiled model.
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