Linq Query

Language-Integrated Query(Ling) was Introduced as a new Component of .NET Framework 3.0. The basic
function of Linq is to add native data querying capabilities to .Net Framework by using the syntax similar to Structured Query Language(sql).
  • Linq is a programming model that is used to provide a consistent method to obtain and manipulate
    data. Linq define the set of query operators,which are used to query and filter the data.
  • In .NET Framework 4.0,Linq is used for writing efficient and multithreading queries,which is called
     PLinq (Parallel Linq).we can easily retrieve data from various data source through Linq query,
    such as Linq to Object,Linq to ADO.NET and Linq to XML.
  • A query is an expression that retrieves the requested data from a data source .Linq queries
    can also perform additional functions.such as sorting and grouping the retrieve data. The various clauses that you can use with the Linq query are the 'Form',where 'order by' and 'Select' clauses.

    There are three basic steps to execute the Linq query.
  1. Obtain the data source that can be either an Sql Database or an XML File.
  2. Create the query. 
  3. Execute the Linq Query.
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