How to Add an Identity on Column in SQL SERVER 2008

If we want to have a column where value should inserted automatically in incremented order, we can apply  Identity on that column.By default we can not insert value manually in Identity column.
Identity (<seed> < Incremented >)
There are some steps to know about identity column. which are given below:-
Step1:- Create the table and add an identity  on the column.
create table emp3(eid int identity(0816113042,1),ename varchar(30), eage int)

Step2:-  Add an identity on column in existing table.
  • we can add identity column on the table,if an identity column already exist then we use following command.
alter table emp3 drop column eid 
   alter table emp3 add eid int identity(10,1)

  • we can apply identity constraint on the column when table is already created.

  • ALTER TABLE emp ADD ToBeIdentity INT IDENTITY(1,1)

    Step3:-   Insert valueS manually on identity column.
    set identity_insert emp3 on 
     set identity_insert emp3 off 
    insert into emp3 (ename,eage)values('ram',23)
    insert into emp3 (ename,eage)values('rajesh',25)  

    See it:-

    Step4:- We can also apply identity constraint on column without SQL Commands.
    first click eid column -> click Identity Specification-> now set is identity to YES .Which is shown  below:-
    see it:-

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