Indexer in c#

Indexer is a new concept in c# language.This is very helpful when we want to use object as an array.If we want to use a class object like an array to set and get the values then we can create the Indexer within the class .
There are some feature of Indexer in c# language which is given below.
  • Indexer is written like property which will have get and set access-or .
  • Indexer access specifier can be Public ,private,internal,protected or protected Internal.
  • Return Type of Indexer is same as C# type.
  • Indexer takes at-least one parameter otherwise it gives compile time error. 
Now i am going implement Indexer concept in c# which is given below.Here i am using Console Application for Run the program.

Step-1 First open your visual studio->File->New->Project-Console Application->ok.->write the program which is given in Step-2.

Step-2  Indexer  C# program :-

using System;
namespace indexer1
    class Program
        public class student
            String[] name = new String[3];
            public String this[int i]
                    if (i >= 0 && i < 3)
                        return name[i];
                        return "";
                    if (i >= 0 && i < 3)
                        name[i] = value;

        static void Main(string[] args)
            student obj = new student();
            Console.WriteLine(obj[3]);//it will not printed because size of array is 3
Step-3 Run the program(press F5).
See  output:-

Description:-  Please read it very carefully to know the Exact concept of Indexer .
  • Here I have First created a student class.
  • Then Created a array name of size 3.
  • Then created an Indexer name this[int i] with one parameter.
  • After that created get and set field to read and write the values.
  • After that created object of student class in main method and assigned the value in object indexer manually.
  • After that printed the corresponding object index value.
  • You can create only three object Indexer because array size is only 3 so that last value in object indexer will not print.
Note :- Here class act  as  a virtual array and we can access instance(object) of class  as an array.
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I Hope this helpful for you.
download whole application file


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