Ado.Net Interview Questions and Answers Part 1

1. ) What are the difference between ADO and ADO.NET ?                                         
There are some difference between ADO and ADO.NET as given below:-
  • Ado supports only connected Architecture but Ado.Net supports connected as well as Disconnected  Architecture .
  • In Ado, we can't create constraints but in Ado.NET , we can easily create constraints.
2. ) What are the two Architecture used in  ADO.NET ?                                                  
  1. Connected Architecture
  2. Disconnected Architecture
3. ) Which Architecture are used for directly communicate with database ?      
Connected Architecture 

4. ) What is the use of  Ado.Net in NET Application ?                                                      
It is a data Model which is used in .Net Application for doing data manipulation with Database.

5. ) What is the Full form of  ADO in .NET?                                                                          
Active Data Object

6. ) What Architecture used to manually open and close the connection in ADO.NET ?
Connected Architecture 

7. ) In Which Architecture, Application does not communicate with database directly ? 
Disconnected Architecture

8. ) Who is responsible to open and close the connection in Disconnected  Architecture ? 
Data Adopter

9. ) What are the ADO.Net Objects in .Net?                                                                          

  • Connection object
  • Data reader object
  • Command object 
  • Data Set object
  • Data Adopter Object

10. ) What classes are used to read the data in Ado.NET?                                            
  • SqlDataReader
  • oleDBDataReader


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