Project on E-Post System in ASP.NET

The E-Post office is the shopping Portal of the world renowned postal service on the Internet .
E-Post is used to send the postal service on the Internet.In this portal service, we have built many Functionality which is given below.

     1. ) Basic steps of the project:-

There are some basic steps of the project.

     2. ) Modules of the Projects:-

There are some Modules of the projects,which is shown below:

     3. ) Detailed Explanation of the project:-

There are some detailed explanation of the project ,which is shown below:

     4. ) Administration phase:-

There are some Administration  phase which is shown below:-

Hi friend ! when you run this project on your visual studio 2010 ,change the connection string with your sql database connection string,Other wise it will give error.
If you want to Run this project without change the connection string then follow following steps ,which is given below:
Step : 1 Open your visual studio 2010-->File-->New-->Website-->ASP.NET Empty website-->Open Solution Explorer-->Copy the all website file-->Right click on website-->Paste all the website file.
Step : 2 Now go APP_Data-->Double click on Database1.mdf-->all tables will be opened.
see it:

If you get any error in sql Database then follow the following link.

Step : 3  Configure the Sql Database connection if required-->Now Run the Project(press F5).

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Download whole Attached Application:-

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