Asp.Net interview Questions and Answers Part 4

1.) Is Session state object encapsulate the state of browser and the client ?      

2.) What is protected configuration in ASP.NET ?                                                        
It is used to provide secure connection string information in application.

3.) How to send mail from application using c# ?                                           
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4.) What is difference between User and Server controls ?                                         
User control are basically created by the Developers and use it any specific application.But Server control are built-in controls. 

5.) Which protocol is used to call a web services in ?                                     
HTTP Protocol
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6.) What is difference between custom control and user control ?                           
1. User Control can only be used within a single application.But custom controls are assemblies(dll files) that can be used in multiple applications.
2. User controls can not added to the Toolbox in visual studio while Custom Control can be easily added  to the Toolbox.
3. User controls provide limited support to user while Custom controls provide full support to the user
4.) User controls are less convenient to use in advance than custom controls. 

7.) Can we use more than one web.config file in application ?                     
8.) What is difference between web.config file and machine.config file   ?             
Web.config file:- It is specific to a web application.we can use multiple web.config file in one application.
Machine.config:- It is specific to a machine or server.we can use only one machine.config on server.

9.) What are the validation controls used in application  ?                           

10.) What is authentication and authorization in  ?                                       
Authentication:-Authentication is a process in which user can verify your credentials such as Id and password.
Authorization:- An Authorization is the process in which,Developers provides a specific roles to a specific user.Authorization process comes after the Authentication process.
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