How to Run C# program on Notepad using Visual studio Command Prompt

Hi Friends! today i am going to explain "How to Run C# program on Notepad  "We Generally Run C# programs using Visual studio IDE. It is easy process to Run the c# program. A Good programmer runs his programs on Notepad because he does not take any help through IDE (e.g.Visual studio).He can run the program without using any tools.If you want to Run the program on Notepad then you have to good knowledge in programming (e.g. Syntax , Datatype ,input and output steams etc.).Now i am going to print  Rectangle star(*) using c#.
There are some steps to implement (Run) this concepts on Notepad Which are given below:-
Step 1:- First open Your Notepad -->Write a program to print a rectangle using c# as shown below:-

using System;

namespace ConsoleApplication
    class Program
        static void Main(string[] args)
             Console.WriteLine("Welcome to mani:your traingle is Below:-");
            for (int i = 0; i < 5; i++)

                for (int j = i; j < 5; j++)



Step 2:- Now save the Notepad program in any drive with .cs extension (i have saved in D:/ Drive --> raj Folder --> ram.cs file ) as shown below:-


Step 3:- Now open Visual studio Command prompt from start Menu-->first give the drive path(ex-D: PRESS ENTER) -->Compile the program->csc->space-> foldername \ filename.cs (e.g. csc raj\ram.cs) -->you will see one .exe file(ram.exe) generated in your Drive as shown below:-


Step 4:- Now Run the program as filename.exe (ram.exe) as shown below:-

run Notepad

 I hope this Helpful for you
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You can directly Run this program  by visual studio Command prompt after download below files


  1. Very Clear Article. Helped me and worked perfectly.

  2. It is nice, thanks. I have an application with visual studio 2015 written in C# with MS access 2007 database. I want to run the application in another computer without visual studio bearing the database through pendrive(removal disk). Is it possible?

  3. hi, i need sample programs in jsp using ,net in visual studio 1. i lot of simple program for workout and develop my career.


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