Asp.Net Interview Questions and Answers Part 11

1.) What Method is used to fail the user session?                                                         
Session.abandon Method

2.) What are the ways to fire the method events in                                   
  • Init() --> It is fired at initial level.
  • Load() --> It is fired when page is loaded on the server.
  • PreRender() --> It is fired to display the user page and html .
  • Unload()-->It is fired when page is loaded completely.
3.) What are the Class used for sending the email in                                 
  • System.web.MailMessaging.class
  • System.web.Mail.Smtpmail.class
4.) What is Formater  in                                                                                          
A Formatter is an object that is used to encoding and serializing the data into message at one end and decoding and de-serializing the data at other end.It may be server End or client end. 

5.) Which configuration file is supported by all protocols in                 
 Machine.config file

6.) Which classes is used to fetch the user's local information  in       

7.) Is View state information stored in HTML Header files in                

8.) What method is used for sign out in Form based authentication ?                  

9.) What is the way to authenticate the user manually in application ? 
  • Hard code value
  • Web.config file
10.) Which Namespace is used to perform form based authentication in ? 


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