Asp.Net Interview Questions and Answers Part 12

1.) Which attributes and elements are used in form based authentication in web.config file ?
  • Name
  • login URL
  • default URL
  • Timeout
  • Sliding Expiration
  • Protection
  • Path
  • Required SSL
  • Credentials
  • Authentication
2.) Which Password Format Attribute does use in web.config in form based authentication ?
  • Clear
  • SHA 1
  • MD5
3.) What is the use of RedirectLoginPage Method in form based authentication ?   
This function takes two arguments ,one is for user name for whom cookie is created and second one is Boolean value to specify whether cookie is persistence or Non persistence.
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4.) What are the basic elements used which provide security in application ?
  • Authentication
  • Authorization
  • Confidentiality
  • Integrity

5.) What is authentication and authorization process in ?                          
  • Authentication:-It is a process in which user can verify your credentials such as ID and Password.
  • Authorization:-An authorization is a process in which Developers provides a specific roles to a specific user,authorization process comes after the authentication process.
6.) What types of  authentication process is used in ?                                    
  • Windows authentication
  • Forms based authentication
  • Passport authentication
  • Custom Authentication
7.) What is caching in website ?                                                                             
Caching is basically used to stored the data temporarily either on web server or on the client system/browser.

8.) What is advantage caching in website ?                                                      
  • Reduce the processing time
  • Reduce the Network traffic
  • Improve the performance of web application
  • Enhance the user experience
  • Reduce the data usages 
  • Large data management
9.) What are the two types of caching used in ?                                                
  • Application Label
  • Session Label
10.) What are the three label of caching used in ?                                            
  • Page output Caching
  • Fragment caching (partial caching)
  • Data Caching


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