Asp.Net interview Questions and Answers Part 8

1.) What are the Data Types supported by Range Validator Control in 
  • Integer
  • Date 
  • String
2.) What is Dynamic page in                                                                                    
C# codes provides dynamic functionality in any application.

3.) What are the ways to maintain the state in application ?                     
  • Query String
  • Cookies
  • Hidden field controls
  • Session
  • Application Objects
4.) What is @ Register Directives in ?                                                                     
It inform to compiler whether any custom server control is added to the page or not.

5.) How can we change timeout property for a session object in ?            
 We can change timeout for a session object by set the timeout property in web.config file in application.

6.) Which property is common to every validation control in ?               
  • ControlToValidate
  • Error Message
7.) Which property is used to turn off the cookies for a page in ?            

8.) Which namespace is used for Debugging the application in ?            
Using System.Diagnostic;

9.) Which events support in HTTP Session class in ?                                    
  • Load event
  • Unload event
10.) How to create permanent cookies in application ?                                
Set cookie.Expirytime = MaxValue .


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