ASP.NET Interview Questions and Answers Part 15

1.) What are the server controls in ASP.NET ?                                                                        
ASP.NET server controls are components that run on the server and encapsulate user interface and related functionality .They are used in ASP.NET code behind and pages.

2.) How can differentiate web server controls and custom controls  ?                       
Web user controls:-
  1. It is easier to create.
  2. It is good for static layout.
  3. It provide limited support for consumers who use a visual design tool.
  4. We can't  be added it to the toolbox  in visual studio.
  5. A separate copy of the control is required  in any application.
Web custom controls:-  
  1. It is harder to create.
  2. It is good for dynamic layout.
  3. It provide full visual design tool support for consumers.
  4. It can be added to the toolbox in visual studio.
  5. In the global assembly cache ,only a single copy of the control is required.
3.) What is difference between asp session and session ?                                
  • ASP.NET session supports cookie less session and it can 'span' across multiple servers.
  • ASP session is not like that.
4.) What method is used to explicitly kill users session ?                                                 
 We use Abandon() method for this.

5.) What are the different ways we would consider sending data across page in ?
  • Properties (public)  
  • Session                                      
6.) How to implement view state in ASP.NET  Application?                                            
 More Details...

7.) What are the two type of state management technique used in .NET ?                
There are two state management technique used in .net as given below:-

     1.) Server based  state management
  • Application state 
  • Session state
  • Data based support
     2.) Client based state management
  • View state 
  • Cookies
  • Hidden Fields
  • Query strings
8.) How to create permanent or persistent cookies in ASP.NET application ?       
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9.) How to create local or browser or non persistent cookie in application ?                            
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10.) What is different between server side code and client side code (script) ?     
The server side codes are processed at the server end and send the result to the client end, Client side  codes (scripts) are executed only at the client end.  

11.) How can you deploy your application on server ?                                        
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12.) How do implement AutoPostBack with a text box ?                                                    
Set AutoPostBack properties = True;


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