How to Install Ajax Toolkit in Visual Studio and Link the Calendar Extender control to TextBox in Asp.Net

Hi Friends ! Today, I am going to show you "How to install ajax Toolkit in visual studio 2010 as well as link the Calendar Extender Control to TextBox ".You have already seen this concepts in many websites. If you add Normal Calendar control on web page,it occupy more space on web page.I have explained about Normal Calendar control in our previous post.see here.You can easily pick the date through this control on the web page by mouse click on TextBox.You can pick the date manually also on the web page through DropDownList control.But Calendar Extender control is using mostly at this time. It is very simple process to pick a date. Before using this concept,you have to install Ajax Toolkit in Visual studio's Toolbox.There are some steps to implement this concepts on the web page which are given below:-

Step 1:- First Download Ajax Toolkit from official website here as shown below:-


Step 2:- Now if downloaded the Ajax Toolkit-->First create a new folder on Desktop or other place -->Put your Ajax Toolkit(compress file) in this folder -->after that Extract this Ajax Toolkit-->after that Extract AjaxControlToolkitSampleSite as shown below:-

Step 3:- Now open your visual studio -->File -->New -->Website-->ASP.NET Empty Website -->Add a New Web Form From Solution Explorer (Default.aspx) --> Now open Toolbox -->Right click in Tool Box --> Add Tab -->Write your Tab Name as Ajax Toolkit as shown below:-
add tab

Step 4:- Now Right click on Ajax Toolkit -->Choose Items-->Select Browse Button -->Go Ajax Toolkit Folder-->Open Bin folder in your Ajax Toolkit -->Select AjaxControlToolkit.dll file as shown below --> Press Open -->Now you have done-->Now you will see ,ajax toolkit installed in your Toolbox. 

dll file
Step 5:- Now Drag and Drop TextBox and ToolkitScriptManager controls on the Form (default.aspx) as shown below:-

Step 6:- Now open Source Mode of default.aspx page --> and Write the following codes for Calendar Extender Control  --> Set TargetControlID="TextBox1" as given below:-
<asp:CalendarExtender ID="CalendarExtender1"   TargetControlID="TextBox1" runat="server" />
See Default.aspx source codes:-

Step 7:- Now Run the Application (Press F5)-->Click TextBox control and select the date from Calendar as shown below:-


Note:- In our coming tutorial, i will explain each Ajax Toolkit's controls with real life example. 
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I Hope this is helpful for you.
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