ASP.NET Interview Questions and Answers Part 16

1.) What is role based Security in ?                                                                          
A role is a named set of principals that have the same privileges with respect to security .A principal can be a member of one or more roles .Therefore ,applications can use role membership to determine whether a principal is authorized to perform a request action.

2.) Which are two properties used on every validation control ?                                 
  • ControlToValidate
  • ErrorMessage
 3.) How to use session state tag in web.config file ?                                                          
We can configure session state features via the <sessionstate> section in a web.config file .The default of session is 20 minutes. we can change it from your web.config file.
We can add the following to the web.config file of an application.
<sessionstate   timeout = "30"/>

4.)What is AutoEventWirup attribute in ?                                                           
It is attribute of  @Page Directive. By default its value is 'True' that means event of page class will be bound automatically with event handlers but if it is 'false' then we need to bind event handler with page class event manually.

5.)What is difference between web services and remoting services ?                        
Web Services :- 
  1. Web Services can be accessed only HTTP.
  2. It work in a stateless environment.
  3. It support interoperability across platforms and are ideal for heterogeneous environments .
  4. It is easy to create and deploy.
  5. It provides extensibility by allowing us to intercept the SOAP messages during the serialization and deserialization stages.
  6. It is highly reliable because it can easily hosted on IIS Server.
  7. It support only the data type defined in the XSD type system.
.NET Remoting :- 
  1. Remoting services can be accessed over any protocol (eg. TCP,HTTP,SMTP etc.)
  2. It provide support for both stateful and stateless environments through singleton and singlecall objects.
  3. It requires the client be built using .NET ,enforcing  homogenous environment.
  4. It is complex to create and deploy.
  5. It is very extensible by allowing to customize the different components of the .NET remoting framework.
  6. It is less reliable with IIS Server.
  7. With the help of binary communication .NET Remoting can Provide support for rich type system.

6.)What is Singleton and singlecall in .NET ?                                                                       
Singleton :- This types never have more than one instance exists,all client requests are served by that instance.
SingleCall:-This types always have one instance per client request.The next method invocation will be serviced by a different server instance ,even if the previous instance has not yet been recycled by the system.

7.) Where are the IIS log file stored in your system ?                                                       
You can configure your IIS server and set your IIS log files.Default location of log files are given below:- 
See it:-
logon configuration

8.) What is IIS isolation Levels ?                                                                                               
 IIS (Internet Information Server) introduced the notion "Isolation Level" which is also present in IIS4 under different name.IIS5 supports three isolation levels  as given below:-
  1. Low (IIS Process)
  2. Medium (Pooled)
  3. High (Isolated) 
9.) Are web services a replacement for other distributed plateforms ?                    
No, web services is just a new way of looking at existing implementation plateforms.

10.) How to send email message from page easily ?                                           
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