WPF Interview Questions and answers Part 2

1.) What is Direct X ?                                                                                                                     
Microsoft has introduced Direct X technology to overcome the drawback of GDI and GDI+ technology. 
  • Direct X exploited hardware acceleration.
  • It support all animation and 3-D Features.
  • It supports full color graphics also.
  • It supports media streaming facilities and lot more.
  • It provide more supports to game developers.
Direct X Technology launched basically for game programming.It is not used for commercial application.Developers couldn't use for commercial purpose .This is the Biggest Disadvantage of Direct X technology.  
2.) What is Problem of Direct X and its solution ?                                                             
Any Developer couldn't use Direct X technology for commercial purpose.It is only for game programmers. 
   To overcome this drawback Microsoft launch technology on the Top of Direct X ,called Widows Presentation Foundation (WPF).
3.) What is the main purpose WPF ?                                                                                        
 WPF is very power full technology launched by Microsoft which is used for commercial purpose.
4.) What types of application we can build with WPF Technology ?                           
  • WPF intended to replace both web forms and windows forms application.Application can be built to run in a browser or a standalone window.
  • Windows Forms and web pages/windows can co-exist in a browser or a standalone window.
  • One WPF Page/window can have both type of controls on it.
  • A New type of web application called XAML browser application XBAP(Formerly web browser application WBA).
5.) What designer tool is used in WPF Technology ?                                                        
  • MS Expression Graphics Designer --> ACRYLIC
  • MS Expression Interactive designer --> SPARKLE
  • MS Expression web Designer --> QUARTZ
  • MS Visual studio Designer --> CIDER
6.) What is three main layer of WPF?                                                                                   
  •  The Managed WPF API Layer
  • 2.) The Media Integration Layer
  • 3.) Unmanaged Component Layer(lower level)
7.) What is XAML?                                                                                                                        
  • XAML Stands for Extensible Application Markup Language.
  • XAML is a declarative XML- based Language that defines objects and their Properties in XML.
  • XAML can be used to create visible UI elements in the declarative XAML markup.
  • XAML files are xml files that generally represent the .xaml extension.
  • XAML is a flexible Language that can be used designing and programming purpose at a time.
  • XAML Parser instantiates and writes up the objects using appropriate API and sets their properties.
  • If we use XAML with Avalon then Procedural code (code behind) is separate from user interface (UI).
  • We can use XAML Language in WPF,SilverLight and WF .NET Technologies.
  •   XAML is  Very powerful  binding Technologies.
8.) What is the advantage of XAML?                                                                                        

  • Graphical designer tools are used XAML language (ex. Blend).

  • XAML Code is flexible and short.

  • XAML code is used for designing and Business logic codes.

  • 9.) What are the two main techniques to write the xaml syntax ?                                
    1. Property syntax
    2. Attribute element syntax
    More details...

    10.) What is BAML in WPF ?                                                                                                      
    • BAML stands for Binary Application Markup Language
    • It is the Binary representation of XAML.
    • It is more efficient than other.
    • BAML is not like Microsoft intermediate Language(MSIL).It is a Compressed declarative format that is faster to load and parse than plain XAML.
    •  BAML is just an implementation detail without any direct public Exposure,so it could be replaced with different in the Future.
    • BAML is very smaller in size than XAML.


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